CYSA District VI CPL
Recent CPL News Updates (as of August 13th)
There have been more revisions to documents available in 'Downloads'. The CPL Info document was updated (again), as was the CYSA Concussion Policy document. Earlier, District VI had approved CPL team play in the August, September & October Comp tournaments (see page 2 of CPL Info).
2015 CPL Coaches Meeting Handouts
Three of the four handouts for the Friday, August 14th, 2015 meeting are available in 'Downloads'.  They include two pages of CPL Information, the CPL Rules and Policies document, and the CPL PAD Procedures.  Standings summaries for the last six years (2009 through 2014), the Non-Participation report form, the 2015 District VI Cup application package and the CYSA Concussion Procedures and Policy are also available under 'Downloads'.  All of these documents are in Adobe (pdf) format.
2015 CPL Seeding and Scheduling Information
The calendar in the righthand sidebar lists key dates for 2015.  After the August 14 meeting, seeding will be revised based on coach requests, then schedules will be created.  Schedules will be available online by the Labor Day weekend.  After five Saturdays of play, adjustments to seeding will be made (NOT a re-seeding) and the schedule for the second half five dates will be posted online.  In order to provide ten scheduled matches for all teams, October 17th is a play date for divisions containing an odd number of teams (and is considered part of the first half of the season).
2015 District VI Cup Package Now Available
The 2015 District Cup application package is now available in 'Downloads'.  Mailed entry deadline is Monday, October 19th; online entry deadline is October 26th.  U16 and U19 District Cup plays on the first and second weekends in December (5th/6th and 12th/13th).  District Cup is a fun way to finish the season.  There is no need to submit an early application; all who apply before the deadline will be accepted.  The online application process is the preferred way to enter District Cup, but all entrants should also review the downloadable District Cup application package.  To enter District Cup, go to; enrollment opens on Sept 28th.
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