CYSA District VI CPL
2017 District VI Cup Package
The 2017 District Cup application package is now available in 'Downloads'.  For U16 and U19 teams, the mailed entry deadline is Monday, October 2nd; online entry deadline is October 9th; late entries will be accepted through October 24th (and maybe later).  U16 and U19 District Cup will play on the November 11th/12th weekend with Finals November 18th; it is a great way to finish the season.  All who apply before the online entry deadline date are accepted.  Online application is the preferred way to enter.  All entrants should review the downloadable District Cup application package.  To enter District Cup, go to
2017 Founders' Cup and Local Tournament Events
An updated announcement for the 2017 Founders' Cup is now available in 'Downloads'.  Founders' Cup is a State level Championship for CYSA Recreational U14-U19 teams that plays on the October 28/29 weekend at Mistlin Sports Park in Ripon.  Additional information about Founders' Cup is in the announcement; visit the website to enter.  The CPL Info document (also in 'Downloads'), lists four local tournament events sponsored by PYSL, EGYSL, NHA and Land Park that play on the Oct 14/15 'break' weekend.  Announcements and applications for two of them (the PYSL 'At the Break' and the NHA 'Fall Shootout') are also available in 'Downloads'.
2017 CPL Coaches Meeting Handouts - Updated 9/19
Five of the six handouts for this year's August 8th, 2017 meeting are available in 'Downloads'.  They include the CPL Information handout (rev 9/19), CPL Rules and Policies document (rev 9/16), PAD Procedures, District VI Zero Tolerance Policy, and CYSA Concussion Procedures & Policy.  Standings summaries for the last eight years (2009 thru 2016), a Non-Participation report form, and 2017 District Cup application package are also available in 'Downloads'.  All are in Adobe (pdf) format.
CPL Seeding and Schedules
Seeding was revised after the August 8th meeting based on coach requests and additional seeding information and/or corrections.  Schedules will be posted by Sunday, August 20.  After five Saturdays of play, adjustments to divisional seeding will be made (but not a re-seeding), and the second half schedule will be posted.  In order to provide ten scheduled matches for all teams, the October 14th break weekend will be a play date for divisions containing an odd number of teams.
2017 CPL News Updates (as of August 6th, 2017)
The mandatory CPL Coaches meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm, Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, again at the Orangevale Community Center, 6826 Hazel Ave.  After an overview of CPL and recent changes are presented, coaches will adjourn to tables to review the seeding.  If the coach cannot attend, a team representative must be present to participate in seeding review.

As was the case last year, the CPL season of play will begin two weeks earlier than in prior years, specifically on August 26th, 2017 (Saturday of the weekend before Labor Day weekend).  Matches will be scheduled on September 2nd (Saturday of the Labor Day weekend) and the last scheduled games will play on Saturday, November 4th (11 play dates for 10 games).  The 'mid-season' break (for most teams) will be on Saturday, October 14th (part way through the 2nd half); mid-season divisional adjustments will be determined after four weekends of play, but the adjustments will not take effect until the 2nd half of the season begins on September 30th.

The early CPL schedule start is necessitated by the change to the High School Season of Sport for soccer, which is now a Winter sport for both girls and boys.  District Cup for U16s and U19s will be played November 11th/12th and 18th (and possibly Nov 19th), before the start of inter-scholastic HS play.  U10, U12 and U14 District Cup matches will be played in December as in previous years.

Last year, USYSA recommended that a combined U19/20 age group be available for those who lost a year of eligibility due to change to the calendar year definition for age groups.  This was a one time only offering.  In the 2017 Fall CPL season, this option will not be available to players who become 19 years old before January 1st of 2018.  

Due to last year's CYSA (Cal North) mandate that all players aged 12 years and younger are not to head the ball, and the District VI rule prohibiting heading in U14 matches, a parental waiver may be required by your League for a U14 player to participate in CPL (in the U16 age group).  A waiver is preferred rather than imposition of a minimum age restriction of 13 years old for CPL participation; we recommend that players younger than 13 on Aug 26th not participate in CPL.

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Current Schedules are available on the left side of this page by Division.  You can also click here for an online lookup of the Schedule for your Team.
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