Manager/Coach Application

If you're interested in Managing or Coaching a Grass Valley Little League baseball team, please read the following Commitment Statement and fill out the required form below.  Once submitted, the Player Agent for the Division you've applied for will get in contact with you.  If you've selected to Manage, a formal interview process is conducted.

Commitment Statement

If appointed as a Manager or Coach I will:

1. Abide by all the rules of the code of conduct and expect and promote the same for all players and parents. 
2. Attend all managers meetings and league sponsored coaching, rules or safety clinics. 
3. Attend all field work parties and perform extra duties as needed. Practice time may be withheld for lack of participation in work parties. 
4. Umpire games as scheduled by the Umpire In Chief. 
5. Learn and abide by local policies and ground rules. 
6. Be responsible for proper safeguarding and use of all assigned equipment and facilities. 
7. Return all equipment on the date specified by the Equipment Manager at the end of the season. 
8. Spend the time necessary with the team at practices and games. 
9. Handle the administrative requirements of the team including scheduling parents for snack bar and cleaning up the park after games. 
10. Promote to the players and their parents the goals of fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for the opponent and the umpires. 
11. Work with all league personnel to benefit the program. 
12. Not use bad language, alcohol, drugs or tobacco while around the team. 

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