Request to Play Up

Our recreational softball league is designed to be fun to play for girls of all experience levels and ages. We have aligned our age divisions to comply with the NorCal softball rules. In that spirit, no girl may play "down" an age division, but in certain circumstances we have allowed girls to play "up" an age division. If you feel that your daughter(s) should play in an older-age division, the information on this form will help the RGFPSL Board make an informed decision on whether to permit the exception for your girl(s) or not.

The Board will normally make their decision in the first board meeting after the request is received, and you will be notified of the outcome shortly after that.  Please be sure to register your daughter(s) in the age bracket they should be in as soon as possible and don't wait for the Board's decision.  Once the Board decision is made, we will move your daughter(s) into the next division.

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