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The All-Star experience will begin in June 2017 for the 9/10, 11, Major, Junior and Senior Tournament Teams, and will continue until such time the team is eliminated or are the champions.  Dates of games will be given at a later date but will start between 6/26 to 7/1.

Managers/Coaches who would like to be considered for selection as an All-Star Manager must consider the following:
  • Manager must be in good standing with Rocklin Little League and must be willing and able to fulfill the obligations required of the All-Star Manager position.
  • 9/10 & 11 All-Star Manager:  Any Manager or Coach from the Minor AA, Minor AAA or Major Divisions is eligible to apply for the position.
  • Major, Junior or Senior All-Star Manager:  Any Manager or Coach from the respective Division is eligible to apply for the position.  Overall regular season champion Manager shall be afforded preferential consideration for the position.
  • Manager must commit to be with the team for as long as the team continues to win.  For Major, Junior and Senior League All-Stars, this could be through the Little League World Series (late August).
  • Manager must be available for all practices and games during the entire All-Star period.
  • Coaches selected by All-Star Manager must be in good standing with Rocklin Little League with LiveScan clearance and volunteer form on file.
  • All-Star Teams shall abide by Rocklin Little League and Little League International's Code of Conduct.
  • Tournament rules are dictated by Little League International and all Players, Managers and Coaches must meet eligibility requirements. 
  • Candidates can only be selected to manage one team.

I understand that completing an All-Star Manager application with RLL does not guarantee me a Manager position.  I agree to abide by the selection process and if selected, agree to represent RLL in the best possible manner and in the interest of RLL and the Players.  I also agree that if I fail to represent RLL in such a manner or the interest of the Players, that I will be relieved of my duties and immediately replaced as Manager by the Board of Directors.

Regular Season Division
Regular Season Team Name
Please select the team for which you wish to be considered.
State why you are considering managing an All-Star Team and the level of commitment that you can make.
List in detail your experiences in baseball which will assist you in performing the duties of All-Star Manager (e.g. number of years managing, level of play managed).
Managing a tournament team requires a philosophy to win, have fun, and make the experience rewarding for each player on the team. Please indicate how you will address each of these.
Have you ever been suspended from Managing or Coaching for any length of time by any League or Association? If yes, give a brief description of the event.
List your previous All-Star experience as a Manager (if any).
List 2 personal preferences taht we may contact (no relatives). Provide full name, contact number and association to you.
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