Umpire Change Form

Our Minor AA and AAA Division games are umpired by Minor, Major and Junior Teams each season.  Minor, Major or Junior Team Managers MUST arrange for a Junior Umpire for their assigned game(s), by hiring one (1) umpire from RLL’s Junior Umpire Program. 

Their is no COST to hire a JR umpire but an adult MUST be on the field with the JR umpire you hire.  

The assigned Team Manager is responsible for securing an umpire from the Junior Umpire Program and ensuring one ADULT umpires the game with the junior umpire. This activity may be delegated to the Team Parent, however ultimately the Team Manager is responsible.

Please fill-out the information below to complete the transfer of umpiring assignment from the current Assigned-to Team/Manager to the newly hired resource.  The contents of this form will be emailed to Art Hernandez (RLL Umpire-In-Chief) and he will make the necessary changes in the system.  The form shall be used once for each re-assigned game.

Which Team/Manager is the game assigned to?
Which division is the assigned game for?
Open the calendar popup.
What date is the game scheduled for?
What time is the game scheduled to start? (HH:MM AM/PM)
What is the name for the Away Team?
What is the name for the Home Team?
What is the name of the Junior Umpire who agreed to officiate this game?
Any other comments (optional)

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