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Overview of the All-Star Teams, Tournament, and Commitment

 Eligible players must have participated in at least 60% of their regular season team’s games.  Our Local Rules and Policies, located in the Downloads section of RLL’s website, explain the selection process for All-Stars.  RLL has 5 All-Star Teams for the following age groups: 

  • 9/10 yo All-Stars – Any Major or Minor AA/AAA player league age 9 or 10 is a possible candidate.
  • 11 yo All-Stars – Any Major or Minor AAA player league age 11 is a possible candidate.
  • Major All-Stars – Any Major player league age 12 is a possible candidate.
  • Junior All-Stars – Any Junior or Senior League player league age 13 or 14 is a possible candidate.
  • Senior All-Stars – Any Senior League player league age 14, 15 or 16 is a possible candidate.

 Player eligibility will be verified and must be proven to District personnel in order to qualify for the team (i.e. residence/school attendance and age eligibility in particular).  Parent commitment is not limited to any one level.

 While it is a great honor to be a member of an All-Star team, there is also a substantial commitment of time, effort, travel and finances required in order to participate.  The All-Star season ends whenever tournament competition ends.  The goal is for teams to progress as far into tournament play as possible, deploying players and strategy to accomplish this goal by using the Manager’s discretion and experience.  Parents/guardians shall support all decisions and strategies set forth by the All-Star Manager/Coaches.  For the 9/10 and 11year old competition, tournament play could continue through the completion of the California State Tournament in late-July.  For Major, Junior and Senior League competitions, tournament play could continue through mid-August when the World Series takes place (Major in Williamsport, PA; Junior in Taylor, MI; Senior in Bangor, ME).

 The All-Star time commitment consists of several practices a week for up to three hours beginning around June 8th and then participation in the District 11 All-Star tournaments beginning about June 26th.  Winners will advance as noted above. Players are expected to attend ALL team practices and social activities. All positions on the team and in the lineup are earned based on the Manager’s evaluation. Per Little League rules the minimum play time for a team with 13 players is 1 at-bat, and no defensive outs. It is imperative to note that NO player will be allowed to participate in ANY organized baseball program, travel ball or the like, during All Stars.  Major conflicts during this period should be brought to the League President before the All-Star season begins.

Each player is asked to raise $150 by participating in our All-Star Hit-A-Thon. This fundraiser is needed to help pay for post-season related expenses.  Players will be provided a pledge page that can be shared with Family and Friends via social media (e.g. Facebook). As a second option from the Hit-A-Thon players and parents can volunteer during the three tournaments we are hosting at RLL. Volunteer positions  (e.g. scorekeeper, pitch counter, field prep, field clean-up, and announcer).  We are looking for you to fill 5 spots in lieu of doing the Hit-A-Thon if you desire.

 It should be clearly understood that acceptance of this commitment is required to participate in RLL’s All-Star program.

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