NCPRD Sports

The level is geared towards participants that are just looking to have fun. This is the most basic level that NCPRD offers and would be considered the "beginners" level. Participants that play at this level are out to enjoy themselves and are not focused on the sheer competition of the sport. Players may have not played for an organized team before, have only played for a couple of seasons, or may not have played in several years. This is a great level for beginning teams to get into the swing of things.

The recreational level is geared towards participants that may still be relatively new to the sport or prefer to focus on the social aspect, but are seeking a little bit more competition than at the church level. This would be considered the "middle of the road" level. Participants at this level should have an understanding of the rules and have played for a few seasons. This is a great level for teams that have had success at the church level and are now ready to step up their game.

The intermediate level is geared towards participants that have been playing the sport for a while now and are definitely ready to be more competitive. This would be considered the "seasoned" level. Participants that play at this level should be fundamentally solid with a strategic approach to the game. Teams at this level can expect a high level of competition. This is a great level for teams seeking to push themselves competitively and continually improve.

The advanced level is for participants that have played the sport for a large portion of their life and thrive on the sheer competition of the game. This would be be considered the "crackerjack" level. Players at this level should be highly skilled and ready to bring their "A" game. This is the level for teams that thrive on competition and are in it, to win it.

The open level is available to all levels of play. It is "open" to everyone. It is a combination of all skill levels so be prepared for
any and all of the above.
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