NCPRD Sports


May 2 - August 9, 2018

Registration Opens: Monday, February 19


 Payment is due at time of registration. For Sponsor Payments, or to use an NCPRD Award Voucher as partial payment, please contact the NCPRD Sports Office at 503-794-3877 prior to registering to be issued a coupon code to use during the registration process.

Early Registration Deadline:  Sunday, March 18

Regular Registration Deadline:  Sunday, April 15

Manager's Meeting:  Wednesday, April 18

Schedules Posted:  Week of April 23

DayDatesDivisionLevelFormatBetweenWksFeeEarly Reg
M5/7-8/6Men's USARECDH6:30-11 pm13$1400$1300
M5/7-8/6Men's USAINTDH6:30-11 pm13$1400$1300
T5/8-8/7Coed USAADVDH6:30-11 pm13$1430$1330
T5/8-8/7Men's USAADVDH6:30-11 pm13$1400$1300
W5/2-8/8Coed USARECDH6:30-11 pm13$1430$1330
W5/2-8/8Coed USAINTDH6:30-11 pm13$1430$1330
TH5/3-8/9Men's USARECDH6:30-11 pm13$1400$1300
TH5/3-8/9Men's USAINTDH6:30-11 pm13$1400$1300
F5/4-7/27Coed USARECDH6:30-11 pm10$1130$1030
F5/4-7/27Coed USACHURCHSingle6:30-11 pm10$850$750

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