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Infield Set-up
Batters Box Set-up


1. First game duties for Saturday and Sunday games (and midweek games)

A. Water the infield lightly before dragging (no more than two or three minutes). This prevents the dirt  from blowing away when you drag it.

B. Drag the infield. If there is no cart you must hand drag the field.  Please do not drag the field up to the chain link fence.  Stay approximately three feet from the fence.  This prevents damage to the drag, the fence, and the sprinklers along the perimeter of the field.

C. Chalk the lines. Remember that the line from home to first base goes between the white base and the orange safety base.  The line from home to third goes to the outside of third base.  The string line starts at the back corner of home plate. Third base is in fair territory as is the home plate. Don't forget to chalk the coaches’ boxes, on deck circles, batter's box, pitcher's circle, and running lane to first base.  The running lane is 36 inches wide and is thirty feet long (it starts halfway from home to first base).

D. Install the bases.  Be sure to use the dirt removal tool to dig out the base receptacles so the bases fit properly. This is very important for the safety of our players.

E.  Install the portable pitching rubber if pitching from a distance less than forty feet. When removing the pitching rubber please use the hammer to pull up the corners adjacent to the nails. Do not grab the corner of the rubber as it will pull the nails out and destroy the pitching rubber.

F.  Water the field again for two or three minutes. This will prevent the chalk lines from blowing away after the first game.

2. Between game duties of each team.

A. Clean out your dugouts. It is the responsibility of both teams to clean out their dugouts after the game. Teams coming onto the field for the next game need to be patient and allow teams to clean up before entering the dugouts.

B. Rake the batter's box, the pitcher's circle, and around the bases.  Drag the infield if necessary and time permits.

C. Water the field for approximately two or three minutes after you re-chalk the batter's box and pitcher's circle, if necessary.

3. Last game of the day duties

A. Remove the bases and put in the black rubber base plugs.

B. Remove the portable pitching rubber and return it to the shed. Do not remove the permanent pitching mounds.

C. Water, drag, and re-water the infield.

D. Clean out the dugouts and broom them as well.

E. Take all trash from the field and snack shacks to the trash bins.  At Russell Ranch, the city picks up the trash but you need to make sure all trash bags are removed from the cans, tied up, and placed on the grass area behind home plate.

F. Lock up all storage sheds and make sure the snack shack is secured.

In the past, we have had problems with trash and debris being left at the fields at the end of the day.  There is no one who stops by after the last game to make sure the fields are safe and clean for the next day’s events. Our use of the High School fields is in jeopardy if the High School coaches show up on Monday and their fields look like a landfill.  It is the manager's responsibility, with the help of every player and parent to make sure all of this is done.  Please follow these two simple guidelines.

If you find it clean please keep it clean!
If you find it dirty, please clean it up!

If any of the field set up equipment (cart, chalkers, bases, plum lines, templates, rakes, brooms, shovels, etc are damaged or missing, please notify our field Directors. WAGS has nine fields at seven different facilities to maintain, thanks for your help.

Included with these instructions are templates for the batter's box set up, along with templates to assist with field set up for 8 under, 10 under, 12 under, and 14 under divisions.

WAGS field director


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