Westlake Agoura Girls Softball



Rain Rain stay away 

We want to play Softball today!!! (Submitted by: Catherine Riker)


Who are we? (Team Name)!

What do we do?      Play softball!

Where do we do it?       On the softball field!

Why do we do it?    To have fun! (Submitted by: Catherine Riker)


(Any Color) and Black

(Team Name) Attack

We are here to play

So hip hip hooray! (Submitted by: Catherine Riker)


Softball is fun

So now let's run

Pick up your glove

Let's play the sport we love (Submitted by: Catherine Riker)

W - W E S T  L - L A K E

A - A - A G O  U - U - U R A
Westlake, Agoura
Agoura, Westlake
Pump, pump, pump it up
Pump that WAGS spirit up
Keep, keep, keep it up
Keep that WAGS spirit up
Fire, Fire, Fire it up
Fire that WAGS spirit up
Win, Win, Win it up
Win that WAGS spirit up
 -submitted by Caitlyn Morrison
WAGS, WAGS you're the one
Hit the ball and run, run, run
Around the bases you shall go
First, second, third and home.
 -submitted by Caitlyn Morrison
Stand up and clap your hands
Show your spirit in the stands
Sit down and take a rest
Now you know that we're the best.
 -submitted by Caitlyn Morrison

Good Eye
    G-O  O-D
    Good eye
    G-O  O-D
    Good eye
    Oh what was that a heck of an eye
    oh what a ball... what what a ball.

 -submitted by Kelsey Haines and Christie Langlois

Wham Wham she hit a grand slam! Wow,she got skillz!!!
 -submitted by - Jenna Haffamier

She feels good
She feels good
She feels great
(name of player) just stepped on home plate!
 -submitted by - Shannon & Colleen Cullen



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