Willapa Harbor Youth Soccer Club

Soccer Gear FAQ

  • What kind of gear does my child need?: Each child who plays needs to have soccer cleats and shin guards that fit correctly. Both of these items are required for all games and practices. Uniforms that consist of a jersey, shorts, and socks will be provided by the club. 
  •  What if I forget my child's gear for a practice or a game?: You will not be allowed to practice, or play in any games, without shin guards. These are required for ALL practices and games. Soccer cleats are required to play in any games. Sneakers may be worn for practices, but soccer cleats are highly recommended.
  • Can baseball cleats be used for soccer?: Yes, you can as long as the front cleat is removed. If the front cleat is still present on the shoe, then you may NOT wear them for soccer.
  • Do I need to purchase a uniform for my child?: Uniforms are provided by Willapa Harbor Soccer Club and are covered fully by registration fee's.
  • What is included with the uniform?: A colored jersey with the team name and a number, black shorts, and colored socks to match the jersey. 
  • What if my child's uniform doesn't fit?: The jersey's and shorts run quite large. A tank top to wear under the jersey is a suggested idea if your child doesn't like the loose fit. Check the fit of the shorts when you receive them as they may be too large to stay up even after cinching. If this is the case (and is something we will try our best to avoid), then you will need to purchase your own solid black shorts elsewhere, or contact your coach or a board member to see if we have any extra shorts that will fit. We have a lot of donated shorts in all sizes, so it is always worth asking! Should you receive a uniform that is too small, talk to your coach to see if you can switch uniforms with another player.
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