Front Royal Soccer Association
If your child's birth date falls between August 1st and September 30th, you may choose which division to place your child in.  This is to ensure that all children in the same grade at school can play in the same division.
Please note that if your child falls in this category and you wish to register them in the older division, you may receive a warning indicating you are putting them in the wrong division. In this case only feel free to ignore this warning. Any other children enrolled in an incorrect division will be placed in the division appropriate to their age unless they have permission from the commissioners of the two divisions concerned to play in the older age group.

DivisionBorn on or afterand on or beforeSoccer Ball
U-6August 1 2009July 31 2010Size 3
U-7August 1 2008July 31 2009Size 3
U-8August 1 2007July 31 2008Size 3
U-10August 1 2005July 31 2007Size 4
U-12August 1 2003July 31 2005Size 4
U-14 (Generally Co-Ed)August 1 2001July 31 2003Size 5
U-19 Senior (Generally Co-Ed)August 1 1994July 31 2001Size 5