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Gym Location1423 Vander Wilt Lane Katy, TX 77493
Club Director/ Recruiting CoordinatorMike McCrary – Mike believes in the vision of FO1 and our commitment to excellence. Mike has a wealth of coaching experience ranging from elementary to collegiate. As a Director, he has sent 7 teams to Junior Nationals, with 2 Bronze medals and 1 National Championship.
Assistant Club Director/ Assistant Recruiting DirectorMike Kent- Mike has a great reputation in the volleyball community and has been an integral part of club and high school volleyball in Houston since 2005. His dedication, drive and caring will be a huge benefit to FO1 Revolution. Mike will be responsible for developmental programs, summer camps, coach development and volleyball training.
FO1 Moments What sets FO1 apart is our deliberate approach to challenge our athletes daily on and off the court. We focus on 5 core concepts: physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. The life lessons your athlete will learn will impact them for a lifetime.
Team CommitmentOnce you have completed tryouts and you have been offered a spot on a team a $500 non-refundable fee is due within 24 hours to secure their spot on the team. If deposit is not paid within 24 hours of acceptance then the offer can be opened to other players.
FO1 Time CommitmentEvery athlete is expected to be at practice and tournaments. It is critical for the player and team development. We will schedule tournaments and practices at the beginning of the season to allow you to plan your schedule accordingly. All players will make a commitment to FO1 volleyball as their top priority.
Sibling DiscountFor sibling discount please contact
Payment Option ScheduleThere are multiple ways to pay for volleyball season. Pay in full with cash, check or credit card. Credit Card/Debit card monthly draft or bank account ACH draft. We will begin payment schedule August 5 through April 5.
Post SeasonPost season fees will be included in all national team's club fees as it is mandatory for all national teams to participate in post season. Any national team player that elects to not participate in their post season commitment will not be able to tryout for a national level team the following year. Post season will be optional for regional and local level teams. If a regional or local level team do decide to participate in post season, there will be additional fees associated with adding post season play.


Next Generation Volleyball


7 on 7 Football

Where are games played?Games will be played at Seven Lakes High School and Junior High fields. Some divisions will play at Morton Ranch Junior High or High School.
What nights are the games played?Friday nights for all grade levels
When does the season start?First game for 9th grade/sub varsity is April 1st. All other divisions Game 1 will be on April 15th. Practices are at the discretion of each coach.
What gear is needed for 7 on 7?Mouth pieces are mandatory. FO1 will provide dry-fit game jerseys
Where are practices?This is a decision made by our coaches.
If I sign my son up will he be with kids from his school?7-on-7 is inherently a select sport where coaches and players put together teams that are sometimes independent of school attendance. Where there are unassigned players who have registered, FO1 will attempt team placement based on school attendance.
Can I bring a team to FO1 Sports 7 on 7?Yes. 7 on 7 is a “select” sport for all grade levels except 9th grade. 9th grade teams align to their High School
When and where will practices be held for 7-on-7?Practices for 7-on-7 can begin immediately and are subject to the scheduling of the team coach. Please refrain from using any KISD HS practice field for any FO1 practices. All junior high schools and elementary schools with common areas are permissible as practice locations.


Tackle Football

What is the registration cost for tackle football (Grades 2-6)?$175 through May 31st | $200 June 1st through June 30th | $235 July 1st through July 20th
What is the registration cost for flag football (Grades K-1)?$125 through May 31st | $150 June 1st through July 20th
What are the guidelines for teams transferring to FO1 for the 2015 season?See the 2016 Team Formation Guidelines located in the Forms Section
Who I do contact if I have questions regarding team transfers?James Blair (FO1 Football Commissioner) - | Chris Stanford (FO1 Football Board) -
What are the Team Sponsorship Requirements for each team?$500 (tax deductible)
Sponsorships: Why is there a sponsorship required for each team and what does it cover? The player registration fee does not cover all the costs associated with running the football program. FO1 has choosen to keep the player registration fee's as low as possible with the balance of funds coming through team sponsorships and donations. League costs include Team Uniforms, Field Rental, Field Preperation (Field Marking, Pylons, Down Markers), Referees, Insurance, On-site Medical and Security, etc. FO1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the local area youth.
Does FO1 have a fundraiser where each player is required to raise additional funds?No Fundraiser required.
What is the Refund Policy? Full Refunds will be given if requested prior to uniform order date. After order date, refunds will not be given. 1st Uniform Order Date - July 1st, 2016
Hudl - What is it and What are the Costs?FO1 uses the Hudl software and recording system to record all games and make them available to teams. The cost is $400 and covers the entire team (Note: $400 was the 2014 cost - final 2015 price will be determined this summer). Each player family will recieves a user name / password which enables them to review the game film of all games. The Hudl software is used by teams across the country at all levels.
Can an entire existing team transfer and play with FO1?Yes - please contact James Blair ( ) or Chris Stanford ( to initiate the process / answer questions
I am a new or existing coach with FO1 - what do I need to do to set-up my team?Register as a coach - there is no initial fee. However, if a background check is needed (one not conducted by FO1 within the last 12 months), FO1 will collect $10 seperately to run the check during the summer, prior to the season.
How are team names determined?FO1 allows the head coach to select the team name. Returning teams are guaranteed their previous year team name if desired. New team names are filled in the order of submisison.
Uniforms - What if my child goes through a growth spurt between registration and the fall season - will the uniforms fit? There will be a uniform fitting option over the summer for the players to try on the jersey's and pants to confirm or adjust sizes. More information will be sent out to players / parents over the summer.
Jersey Numbers - My child has a specific jersey they want? Can we request a specific jersey number?Yes - returning players have first priority on jersey numbers. New players can request and FO1 will make every attempt to provide the requested number. During registration, you will be asked a primary and alternate number. The deadline to register and request a first or second jersey number is June 15th. After June 15th, players will receive jerseys with a randon (unassigned) number.
I am a returning coach to FO1 - Do I need a background check?FO1 coaches go through a background check every 12 months. If your most recent background check is within 12 months, there will be no cost ($10) to run another check for the Fall season. Those needing a background check, will have those completed this summer in conjunction with the coaches meeting ($10 Charge that will be collected at the Coaches meeting).
I am a returning coach to FO1 - How do I register?Go to the Registration page and select "Enroll" Fall 2015 Tackle Football. Choose the appropriate Enrollee, Enrollment Type - "Volunteer", Program - "Tackle Football Fall 2015", Offering - "Coach", Enrollment Selection - "Coach or Asst. Coach". Then proceed to checkout.
I am a new coach to FO1, what is the process to register?Go to the Registration page and complete the registration process (same as an existing coach). FO1 will contact in conjunction with the pre-season coaches meeting to run the Background Check and collect payment ($10 - cost of check).
How are the divisions broken down? By grade: Flag - Grades Pre-K, K and 1st. Tackle - Grades 2nd - 6th: Each grade is a seperate division. FO1 allows players the option to play one grade up, but no player can play in a lower grade (examples: a 2nd grade player can request to play with a 3rd grade team. A 3rd grade player can not request / play with a 2nd grade team).
How long is the season (how many games)?8 Week Regular Season. Up to a 3 Week Playoff (depends on the number of teams per division and seeding / bye's).


General Questions

What is an FO1 Moment?We have athletes from all faith and beliefs. What sets FO1 apart is intentional approach to challenge athletes on and off the court. We focus on 5 core concepts: physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. The life lessons your athlete will learn will impact them for a lifetime.

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