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7 on 7 FOOTBALL 


7 on 7 is a touch sport played on 45 yard fields. Players compete on offense and defense. Players on defense will experience what it is like to play Linebacker, Cornerback, and Safety incorporating man and zone defensive principles. Offenses tend to focus on fundamentals of the route tree at the younger age groups, on to full route combinations at the Jr high and high school levels. 

There is no training substitute for full speed and game situations in the passing game. With one center and 5 receivers the QB has seconds to get the pass off. The quick time clock of 5 seconds, (4 seconds at higher grade levels simulates the time needed for a QB to deliver a pass to a receiver. Receivers participate in passing drills, will improve hand eye coordination, and learn both zone coverage and man to man coverage. At a minimum 7 on 7 provides exercise for all players.

FO1 Sports is a 501(C)3 charitable organization committed to providing sports leagues that are governed by biblical principles and God honoring standards-presented with excellence and a level of competition that highlights the talents and commitment of area youth. Our directors and volunteers are devoted to providing guidance in the physical, mental, spiritual, social and financial disciplines. Together, honoring our Father, as one.

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7 on 7 FAQ's:

Where are games played?Games will be played at Seven Lakes High School and Junior High fields. Some divisions will play at Morton Ranch Junior High or High School.
What nights are the games played?Friday nights for all grade levels
When does the season start?First game for 9th grade/sub varsity is April 1st. All other divisions Game 1 will be on April 15th. Practices are at the discretion of each coach.
What gear is needed for 7 on 7?Mouth pieces are mandatory. FO1 will provide dry-fit game jerseys
Where are practices?This is a decision made by our coaches.
If I sign my son up will he be with kids from his school?7-on-7 is inherently a select sport where coaches and players put together teams that are sometimes independent of school attendance. Where there are unassigned players who have registered, FO1 will attempt team placement based on school attendance.
Can I bring a team to FO1 Sports 7 on 7?Yes. 7 on 7 is a “select” sport for all grade levels except 9th grade. 9th grade teams align to their High School
When and where will practices be held for 7-on-7?Practices for 7-on-7 can begin immediately and are subject to the scheduling of the team coach. Please refrain from using any KISD HS practice field for any FO1 practices. All junior high schools and elementary schools with common areas are permissible as practice locations.

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