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Financial assistance is available to assist those players who are not able to afford the total costs associated with playing sports. Therefore, Fraternity Of One (FO1) has funds available to help families who need financial assistance.


Financial assistance will be granted on a “first come, first serve” basis. Once the financial assistance funds are utilized for a season, no more aid can be given. In order to spread the assistance as far as possible, we ask each family seeking aid to pay as much as they can afford. Fraternity Of One is committed to maintaining low registration fees so more children have the opportunity to play sports.

Many factors will be considered when evaluating eligibility for financial assistance. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to death, illness, and loss of compensation or other changes in financial position.

Scholarships can be applied for by completing the required Financial Aid Form. All requests for assistance are due within one week of the end of the registration period


Only the parent/guardian of a player may request and complete a Financial Assistance Application. The Financial Assistance Applications will be held in confidence between parent/guardian and the scholarship committee for Fraternity Of One Sports. At the beginning of each new season, (i.e. Fall & Spring) a new application must be submitted. Receiving financial assistance in one season does not guarantee assistance in future seasons.


“Select” level players are responsible for purchasing their own uniform. Recreational players have uniforms provided at no additional cost. The following expenses are covered by an FO1 scholarship: registration, coaches’ fees and club fees. Tournaments, training, and travel do not fall under scholarship assistance.


Families receiving financial assistance will be asked to volunteer by helping to maintain fields/facility, registration or where other volunteer opportunities may apply, such as serving as a team parent. Financial assistance to a player may be terminated if the financial situation is resolved, funds become unavailable, or if the player is deemed in conflict with the club/team requirements for player commitment or behavior.



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