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Umpire Registration

With the popularity of softball in the Greater Sacramento area, there is a great need for knowledgeable and dedicated umpires. Whether you are interested in umpiring recreational adult slow pitch leagues or competitive youth fast pitch tournaments, USA Softball of Sacramento has a position for you!

Umpire Fees:

Adult umpire registration fee $95.  This includes registration, background check, arbiter access, an USA umpire hat, USA umpire shirt and USA ball bag. The hat, shirt and ball bag are a $63 value.

Youth umpire registration fee $35  (Umpires under the age of 18 only)

To Register for 2017:

To register as a USA Softball Umpire for 2017, you will need to complete the online registration using the steps below:

Go to Register USA Softball 

  • New Umpires who have not registered previously with GSSA: You will need to create an account. (red box in the lower left corner)
  • Returning umpires.  Click on the “Retrieve Login with ID Card?” (green box in the upper left corner).



Retrieve Login with ID Card?

Find Your Account: Screen 1


  • Member ID or Registration Number.  This number can be found in your Arbiter Profile in the "Official Number" field.  If there is no value, email Chuck Brabec at 
  •  First Name
  •  Last Name 
  •  Date of Birth 
  • Click the box to “I agree that I am the person referenced above and that I have the authorization to view the information that is associated with this account.”
  • Click on “Find my profile”

Find Your Account: screen 2


  • Middle Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Phone (you will need to add hyphens, example 916-555-1212)
  • Click on “Verify”

 Find Your Account: screen 3


  •  Username (you can assign, I suggest first initial of your first name and your last name)
  •   Password
  •   Retype Password
  •   Click on “Save”

You will need the Username and Password to login and do your registration.


 To Register for 2017:

  • Login to the Account using your new username/password
  • Verify your association:  CA - Sacramento
  • Go to My Umpire Page
  • Click Here to submit your umpire registration

     Registration Option = Adult No ID Card
     Umpire League = GSSA
     Independent Contractor = check box on the right side
     Optional Insurance = This provides the optional Game Fee Reimbursement

     Click on Submit
  • Shipping = click submit

  • Open your invoice, print 2 copies. One for yourself and one to send with your check to:

         USA Softball of Sacramento Umpires
         Attn: Umpire Registration
         6380 Tupelo Drive, Suite 3
         Citrus Heights CA 95621

The USA Softball of Sacramento Umpire-In-Chief is Chuck Brabec. For questions about our umpire program or how to get assigned games, you can contact him by phone (916) 834-8074 or via email at

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