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Class of 2007


Patrick Blake


NABA President - San Gabriel Valley, California
NABA Hall Of Fame Inductee
NABA president of the year 2005
NABA Tournament Advisory Group Member
NABA World Series Championship Official
NABA National Tournament Director
NABA World Series Expo Coordinator
NABA Director of Marketing & Communication NABA Western Regional Asst. Director
NABA Hall Of Fame Inductee 

Patrick took over the Southern California NABA League , and started helping the NABA National Office in 1993. Through Patrick's hard work, dedication and inspiration, the Southern California and NABA National Office has become a formidable force in providing the best amateur baseball in the country. Patrick's commitment and support to the NABA has helped countless individuals to play baseball in Southern California, and has helped many organizations around the country to participate in providing baseball to players all across the country. Patrick's commitment has helped the NABA establish some of the largest adult baseball tournaments in the world for baseball players to continue to play the game they love.

Thanks to Patrick, thousands of players throughout Southern California and hundreds of organizations since 1993 have had the opportunity to play and participate in the national pastime of baseball through the National Adult Baseball Association.

Fittingly, Patrick was elected as a member of the NABA Hall of Fame in the year 2007. 

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