Frequently Asked Questions

Question: There are "Pacific Coast Region" eligibility rules, "Southern California" eligibility rules and the National Codes? Which one has priority?

Answer: Eligibility rules start with the ASA National Codes. These are listed in the Official ASA Rule Book. The national rules that govern Championship Tournaments are very broad in scope. Therefore the Pacific Coast Region clarifies these rules as they pertain to our region which includes California, Nevada and Hawaii. Regional rules may not conflict with National Codes. Southern California, in turn clarifies Regional rules to better suit our situations. The Southern California rules may not conflict with Pacific Coast Regional Rules. It's very similar to our Federal, State, and Local system of government.

Question: Can a player play on a "travel team" and then play on the All-Star team?

Answer: She can participate on both teams UNTIL April 1st. At that time she must decide which one is most important to her and play either travel or rec all-stars.

Question: How will Southern California ASA define "participate"?

Answer: As a player taking part in a practice, practice game, scheduled game, tournament or multiple tryouts.

Question: If she has signed with an ASA travel team, (player agreement form) does she need to get a release from her travel team manager?

Answer: No: It's her decision to make even if she has signed an agreement with the travel team (before April 1st).

Question: What if she drops from her travel team on April 1st and then is not selected for the All-Star team?

Answer: She can re-join and/or re-sign with the travel team (per ASA travel team rules).

Question: May a player participating on two teams in different recreational leagues be selected as an All-Star?

Answer: She may, however, she may only represent one league as an All-Star.

Question: Can an 11 year old player who played with a 14 & Under team during the league season be on the 12 & Under All-Star team?

Answer: Yes, as long as she has not entered any ASA Championship Tournaments and meets all other ‘B’ eligibility requirements.

Question: Can an 11-year-old player who played on a 14-Under Travel Team be on the 12-Under All-Star Team?

Answer: Yes, as long as she has not participated on the Travel Team past the April 1st eligibility deadline date and has met all other eligibility requirements.

Question: Can a team enter the Championship Tournament without the approval of the league board?

Answer: No.

Question: Do these eligibility rules apply to any All-Star teams or invitational tournaments?

Answer: No, these rules only apply to the All-Star team entering ASA Championship Tournaments, or tournaments sanctioned by ASA.

Question: What are ASA ‘Championship’ Tournaments?

Answer: These are tournaments that lead to Western ‘B’ National Championships for league ALL-STARS.

Question: What are 'A', 'B' and 'C' teams?

Answer: 'A' is an independent travel team, 'B' and 'C' are recreational level league teams.

Question: Why can’t a player play in both 'A' and 'B'/'C' Championships?

Answer: It is not allowed by the national ASA Codes. The ‘B’ program is based on the player who registered with your league for RECREATION. Her primary goal is to have fun. If her (or her parents) primary goal is to develop competitive softball skills (emphasis on competitive), she needs to be on a travel team. ASA offers both programs but the player must decide which path she wants to follow this summer.

Question: Can our Southern California eligibility rules be changed?

Answer: Yes, they can be changed year to year. Keeping in mind that our rules cannot conflict with either the National or Regional rules, we encourage you to submit proposed changes in writing to your respective District Commissioner. Changes will be announced at the League President's annual meeting in November.

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