Thousand Oaks Girls Softball Association

The Thousand Oaks Girls Softball Association (TOGSA) is a non-profit organization (Tax ID #77-0369172) that operates under the supervision of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). It is the purpose of this organization to achieve the following goals:

  1. To provide an organized, recreational softball program for the players.
  2. To provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for the players who participate in the program.
  3. To develop softball skills and gain an appreciation and knowledge of the game.
  4. To develop good sportsmanship.
  5. To develop the qualities of citizenship and leadership through the game of softball.
  6. To promote physical fitness for the players.

TOGSA has over 200 players and close to 50 volunteers annually.

The Board of Directors of TOGSA manages the operations and property of the league. Board members are elected for one-year terms by the general membership of TOGSA, which includes the parents of all players, managers, and coaches. The Board of Directors typically meets a minimum of once a month during the year, except during the playing season when meetings are typically held every three weeks.

Players must register each year and meet the age requirements of TOGSA in order to participate.

The safety of players, umpires, spectators and volunteers is of utmost importance to TOGSA.

The league coordinates all safety activities, ensures safety in player training, ensures safe playing conditions, coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries, and solicits suggestions for safety improvements and forwards them to the Board of Directors. The league has the ability, as do umpires, to halt play to assure the safety of all involved.

League Budget and Funding
The operating budget for TOGSA comes from registration fees, sponsorship, snack shack sales, the Annual Memorial Tournament, All-Star Tournament play, and additional fundraising efforts. Additional financial information may be obtained by contacting the TOGSA Treasurer.

Income Expenses
Expenses of the league vary from year to year depending on the amount budgeted for capital improvements (e.g. the snack shack, fencing, dugouts, playing equipment, maintenance). Player costs include expenses on uniforms, pictures, the yearbook, trophies, post-season play, umpires, scholarships and player development. Administration expenses include insurance, fees, registration, advertising and printing costs. There are NO paid positions within TOGSA Board of Directors, managers, coaches, or team parents.

Registration Costs
Registration amounts are set at levels that TOGSA believes are adequate and fair to cover expenses of play at each level. TOGSA also sets levels for budgeting purposes and bases them on the anticipated number of players for each season and related expenses. As such, TOGSA must make early financial commitments to assure that uniforms, equipment and other materials and supplies are purchased and received in a time frame that allows practices and games to start on schedule.

A variety of sponsorships are available to individuals and companies alike. The generous support of our sponsors may be recognized in one or more of the following ways: sponsor signs at the fields; in the annual yearbook; on the TOGSA website; and through additional means as directed by the TOGSA Board of Directors. A plaque displaying a team picture is provided to each individual team sponsor. For additional information about available sponsorship opportunities, please check our website at

Snack Shack
The snack shack at Los Cerritos Middle School Field is maintained by volunteers for the convenience of players and fans in attendance. Each TOGSA family is required to pay a $30 Snack Shack deposit/buy-out at the beginning of each new season. You may choose to work your snack shack hours and have your deposit returned, or use the fee to buy-out your snack shack hours. Income from snack shack sales are a major source of funding for the TOGSA operating budget. The snack shack is intended to be open for all games, and each team is required to provide adult volunteers to work in the snack shack at various times throughout the season. TOGSA is currently raising funds to build a new snack shack. For more information about donating to this specific cause, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

Fundraisers account for an important part of the overall income. The active participation of parents, managers, and coaches is required to make these efforts successful.

PMB 249-2060D • Avenida De Los Arboles • Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 •

Non-profit Tax ID: 77-0369172

Information about the ASA can be found on their website at

NO ALCOHOL, NO TOBACCO, and NO DOGS are permitted on the fields at any time.


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