Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch

Question: Can my two daughters be on the same teams?

Answer: Yes. As long as they qualify for the same age group



Question:  What are the criteria for placing my daughter in an age group?

Answer:  Your daughter’s age is determined by the date she was born as of December 31st of the current year.  (i.e. If your daughter’s age is 10 on December 31st, 2012, then she would play in the 10U Division.)



Question:  Can my daughter play up in the older age group?

Answer:  The goal of the league is to have all of the girls playing at their age level or group.  Any movement up would require Board Approval.



Question: Can we get my daughter’s friend on the same team for car pooling purposes?

Answer: The teams are formed by a draft process to ensure fair and equal placement of players among teams. Because of this process, we cannot guarantee her friend will be on the same team. The only exception is in the 6U Division where we try to group the girls with their classmates to make it a more enjoyable experience for them.



Question: What will I have to purchase when the season starts?

Answer: The league provides a jersey, long pants, socks and visors as part of your registration fee. The players need to provide their own glove, bat, helmet (with face mask) and rubber cleats. You will also may be required to purchase sliders, knee pads. 



Question: Where and when are the games played?

Answer: Teams usually have one game during the week and one game on Saturday. 6U teams will only have one game a week played on Saturday. All games will be played at Heartwell Park, Bancroft School and other Lakewood Parks.



Question: When will the manager call me to start the season?

Answer: All players (except 6U) should attend the skill assessment day in January at Bancroft School. All teams should be formed by the last week in January. Your team manager will contact you as soon as the team is formed.



Question: What time are games and practices held?

Answer: Weekday games will vary from 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. The last weekday game will begin at 7:00 or 7:15 p.m. Saturday game times will begin at 9:00 a.m. games will continue until approximately to 8:00 p.m. Please keep in mind that your manager will want you at the field an hour before the game time so your daughter is warmed up properly. Practice is usually schedule once the season starts two days a week. Younger Divisions practice time is usually started 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. and they practice for about 1 hour to 2 hours. Older Divisions practice time is 7:00 to 9:00.



Question: What volunteer positions are still needed?

Answer: Our league is made up of only volunteers and we could use as much help as you are willing to lend. At the first team meeting, your manager will ask for volunteers to help as team Mon, scorekeeper, and snack bar shifts. Please help out and volunteer your time. If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please send an e-mail to president@lbhfp.com.



Question: Do I have to work in the snack bar?

Answer: The snack bar works as a year round fundraiser to help the league. We can’t keep the snack bar open without parent volunteers. Each family will be asked to volunteer a few hours of their time during the season or pay a "Buy Out" fee of 45.00.



Question: Do I have to stay at practices and games?

Answer: We strongly encourage parents to attend practices and games. If you must leave, be sure that you are back on time to pick up your daughter. The Coach cannot leave the field until he/she makes certain that all players have been picked up. Additionally, a league approved adult must always be present at practices and games.



Question: Who do I call if I have problems with my Coach, uniform, fundraiser, etc.?

Answer: You should always try to solve any problems through your team Coach first. If he/she does not seem able to resolve your issue, you can contact the Division Player Agent. That person’s name and email can be found on the league website under “Board”.



Question: Can I attend LBHFP Board Meetings if I am not on the board?

Answer: Yes, we encourage anyone to attend. 



Question: I am a team Coach, can I hold my team practices anywhere I want?

Answer: No you may only practice at the time and place that our insurance covers. Our insurance only covers us for fields that are assigned to us by the City of Long Beach or Lakewood.