Athletic Field Status for: 6/27/17


Five Star: Baseball/Softball:

Yellow Field: CLOSED

Blue Field: CLOSED

Black Field: CLOSED

Tan Field:  CLOSED

White Field: CLOSED

Grey Field: CLOSED

Red Field: CLOSED

Five Star: Soccer/Football:

Field #1: CLOSED

Field #2:  CLOSED

Field #3: CLOSED

Field #4: CLOSED

Field #5: CLOSED

 Field #6: CLOSED

Field #7:  CLOSED

Field #8: CLOSED

Recreation Center Complex:

Major Field:  CLOSED

Minor Field: CLOSED

Softball Field: CLOSED

Pee Wee North Field: CLOSED

Pee Wee South Field: CLOSED

Turner Complex:

Field #1: 

Field #2:CLOSED

Field #3:CLOSED

Field #4:  CLOSED


Camey Soccer Complex:

North Field: CLOSED

South Field: CLOSED

B.B. Owen Softball Complex:

Red Field: CLOSED

Blue Field:  CLOSED

Bridges Baseball Park:

Baseball Field: CLOSED

For more information regarding field rentals and field status please call

The Colony Parks and Recreation Department at 972-625-1106 ext.0


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