Instructors:  Melissa Nance and Tiffany Marquardt


All prices listed are monthly rates.  Tuition paid after the 15th of the month will be subject to a $5 late fee.






Preschool Ballet- ...........................................................$20 (Tuesday 5 pm-5:30 pm or Mondays 5:30-6)


Level 1 Combination (Grades K-1 Ballet + Tap) - …… $25 (Mondays 6:30-7:15)


Level 2 Combination (Grades 1-3 Ballet, Tap, Intro to Jazz - $30 (Tuesday 5:30 pm-6:30 pm)


Level 3 Combination (Grades 4-6 Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Intro to Pointe) - $35 (Wednesday 4:30 pm-5:45 pm)


Level 4 Combination (Grades 7+) - ……….………... $40 (Wednesday 5:30pm-6:45 pm)




All Ages! Hip Hop-. $25(Monday 6 pm-7 pm)


(Classes are subject to combination, cancellation or time change, pending enrollment)


Competition Preview……………………………………$30 (Tuesday 6 pm – 7 pm)





Butts and Guts- $30 or $3 each class (Monday/Tuesday 7:15 pm-7:45 pm)

Adult Dance - $30 (Monday 5 pm – 6pm)





PRC Dance recital "Jete Falls: Gateway to the Wild West" will be held on Sunday, April 26 at 3 pm at the Parsons Municipal Auditorium. Admission is $1 for ages 3+. Ages 3 and under are free.


We will also perform at Katy Days on Saturday, May 23 from 2:30-3:15 pm.


 Like PRC DANCE on Facebook and follow @prcdance on Twitter and Instagram for more info about classes, performances, summer dance and competition team auditions!  Contact Melissa Nance at 417-385-8417 or for more details.





Preschool ballet is for the child ages 3-5. Ballet is the foundation of all other genres of dance. Good intro to movement and dance. This class is taught by Melissa Nance and Tiffany Marquardt.


 Level 1 combination is a class geared toward grades k-1 dancers. We continue advancement in ballet and introduce tap at this level. Who doesn't like making a little noise? :) This class is taught by Melissa Nance.


 Level 2 Combination is intended for grades 2-4 dancers. Jazz is introduced at this level, which incorporates exciting moves to more modern beats. Ballet and tap are also taught at a more challenging level. This class is taught by Melissa Nance.


 Level 3 Combination includes ballet, tap, jazz and an introduction to pointe. Grades 5-6 dancers are welcome in this class, or other grades with the instructor's approval.  This class is taught by Melissa Nance.


 Level 4 Combination is the advanced class at PRC Dance. Ballet, tap, jazz and pointe are studied intensively in this class. It is intended for those who have pointe experience or grades 7 and up. This class is taught by Melissa Nance.


 Hip hop is an exciting class in which dances are taught to upbeat music that all dancers will love. This class is taught by Tiffany Marquardt.


 Competition Preview is for all dancers ages 6+ who don't currently dance competitively but are interested in auditioning in the future. Dancers will be introduced to choreography and technique that is essential for competitive dancers and will get the chance to attend a competition to get a taste of the atmosphere! This class is taught by Tiffany Marquardt. 


Adult dance is for the adult dancer who wants to try something new, or pick back up on their skills! Something new will be introduced each week, and several genres will be explored. The class will be tailored to those enrolled and is sure to be enjoyed by all! This class is taught by Tiffany Marquardt. 


Butts & Guts is back!! This group fitness class focuses on those trouble areas and core strength. Whether you're looking to lose weight or tone up, this class is perfect to add to your fitness regime! This class is taught by Tiffany Marquardt. 


 Appropriate dancewear and footwear is required for all dancers.  Dancewear is available for purchase at the studio or online.


 For more information regarding these classes please call Melissa Nance at 417-385-8417.