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Adult Sports Program Calendar

  2017 Adult Sports Program Calendar 283 KB12/16/2016

Capital City Softball Information

  2017 Fall Softball Registration Form 441 KB8/28/2017
  2017 Fall Softball Registration Form 367 KB8/28/2017
  Capital City Softball Local Rules 331 KB4/20/2017
  Softball Roster 926 KB5/8/2013
  Softball Roster 92 KB1/27/2014
  New Lineup Card.xls 784 KB6/18/2014
  Manager Responsibilities 24 KB2/29/2016
  Player Code of Conduct 75 KB2/29/2016
  Parks and Recreation Rules 171 KB2/2/2017
  Reminders for Softball Leagues 15 KB2/3/2017

Capital City Basketball Information

  Manager Responsibilities 247 KB6/3/2016
  2017 NFHS Basketball House Rules 252 KB5/15/2017
  2017 Fall Basketball Registration 244 KB8/1/2017

Capital City Flag Football Information

  2017 Fall Flag Football 757 KB8/4/2017
  NIRSA Flag Football Rules 414 KB5/24/2017
  Local Rules for Flag Football 386 KB5/24/2017
  Team Manager Responsibilities 301 KB5/24/2017

Field Diagram

  Havins Fields 791 KB10/17/2013
  Krieg Fields 38 KB10/17/2013

Hourly Reservation

  Hourly Application Form 466 KB3/4/2016
  Hourly Information & Fees 103 KB11/7/2014
  Hourly Reservation Information 231 KB7/19/2016

Tournament/Event Reservation

  Tournament/Event Application and Information Form 416 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/Event Application 147 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/ Event Reservation - Baseball Field 57 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/Event Reservation - Kickball 58 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/Event Reservation - Multipurpose Field 57 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/Event Reservation - Softball 58 KB3/2/2016
  Tournament/Event Reservation - Volleyball 57 KB3/2/2016

Concession Information

  Temporary Concession Information 90 KB10/17/2013
  Temporary Concession Application 753 KB10/17/2013

Youth Sports Austin

  2010 Ordinance 20100204-039 165 KB6/19/2014
  Ball Park Light Form 16 KB5/30/2017
  Reporting Form 152 KB5/30/2017
  Event Request Form 57 KB5/30/2017
  YSO Public Agreement 229 KB7/16/2014
  YSO Private Agreement 216 KB7/16/2014
  Irrigation Controller 47 KB1/29/2015
  Field Maintenance Level 3 82 KB6/19/2014
  Pest Management Requirement 88 KB4/3/2015
  Austin IPM 798 KB7/16/2014
  Pesticide Tracking Form 61 KB4/3/2015
  Maintenance Standard Levels of Care 6 MB6/28/2017

Youth Sports Fields

  Butler Shores @ Town Lake 225 KB7/16/2014
  Edward Rendon Sr. Metro Park 268 KB7/16/2014
  Lamar Beach @Town Lake 266 KB7/16/2014
  Bartholomew 221 KB7/16/2014
  Downs Mabson 195 KB7/16/2014
  Montopolis Practice Fields 175 KB7/16/2014
  Beverly Sheffield 232 KB7/16/2014
  Circle C 345 KB7/16/2014
  Civitan 196 KB7/16/2014
  Garrison 219 KB7/16/2014
  Gullett 191 KB7/16/2014
  Zilker Metropolitan Park 328 KB7/16/2014
  Roy G .Guerrero Park 266 KB7/16/2014
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