Folsom Softball Club
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League Docs

  Release of Liability 22 KB11/17/2010
  Escalation Policy 161 KB11/17/2010
  Comp B Selection Process 345 KB11/17/2010
  ASA Speed Rules (Reference Only) 64 KB4/1/2012
  8U All Star Process 66 KB3/28/2014

Survey Results

  2013 Spring Parent Survey Results 185 KB7/12/2013
  2012 Fall Parent Survey Results 121 KB4/12/2013
  2012 Spring Parent Survey Results 210 KB4/12/2013
  2011 Spring Parent Survey Results 118 KB6/30/2011
  2011 Fall Parent Survey Results 196 KB12/1/2011

Coach Docs

  ASA Background Check - Coaches Guide to Electronic Consent 974 KB1/22/2014
  Example Team Welcome Letter 76 KB2/21/2012
  Junior Coach Application 47 KB2/7/2013
  Player Bio 27 KB2/20/2013
  Jr. Dugout Helper 226 KB2/20/2013
  Dugout Rules 34 KB2/20/2013


  Rec Draft Process 01312014 Revision 69 KB3/23/2014
  FSC Local Rules Rev 2014-01-26 143 KB3/23/2014
  2013 NorCal Rules - Summary 12 KB3/23/2014
  2013 NorCal Rules - Full 66 KB3/23/2014
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