Town of Cary Sports
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Coaches Documents

  Playing Time Sheet (Baseball & Softball) 60 KB6/19/2015
  Youth Coach Volunteer Application 132 KB11/10/2014
  Coach Code of Ethics 7 KB7/7/2014
  Sport Snack Game Plan 414 KB7/7/2014

Fall Youth Baseball

  Fall Baseball Handbook 1 MB7/28/2015
  Current Licensed Baseball Bat List 637 KB7/27/2015
  Fall Baseball Clinics & Lessons 518 KB8/17/2015

Fall Youth Softball

  Current Non-Approved Softball Bat List 700 KB6/19/2015
  Fall Softball Handbook 705 KB9/9/2015
  Fall Softball Clinics & Lessons 466 KB8/17/2015

Fall Youth Basketball

  Fall Basketball Handbook 876 KB8/17/2015
  Playing Time Sheet (Basketball) 41 KB6/19/2015
  Coach Certification Class Schedule (NYSCA) 14 KB8/11/2015
  Fall Basketball Practice Preference Form 28 KB9/25/2015

Winter Youth Basketball

  Winter Youth Basketball Coaches Handbook 1 MB10/29/2015
  Coach Certification Class Schedule (NYSCA) 198 KB9/25/2015
  Playing Time Sheet (Basketball) 41 KB9/25/2015
  Practice Preference Form (B9-10, G9-10, B11-12, G11-12) 86 KB10/22/2015
  Practice Preference Form (B13-14, G13-14) 84 KB10/22/2015
  Practice Preference Form (B15-16, G15-18, B17-18) 88 KB10/22/2015
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