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Team Pictures

  Picture Price List and Order Form 64 KB3/24/2014
  Picture Day Sample Products 484 KB4/16/2012
  Parent Info for Team Photos 168 KB1/17/2014
  Flag Football Picture Schedule Spring 2015 235 KB4/21/2015


  Code of Conduct 56 KB7/16/2014
  Adult Softball Roster Card 56 KB9/29/2014
  2015 Spring Softball Info 82 KB11/12/2014
  Adult Softball Rules 140 KB11/24/2014


  Adult Basketball Rules 103 KB1/8/2014
  Code of Conduct 56 KB7/16/2014
  Adult Basketball Roster Card 56 KB9/29/2014
  Adult Winter Basketball Info 58 KB11/12/2014


  Adult Volleyball Rules 62 KB9/7/2010
  CARA Volleyball Rulebook 342 KB2/27/2013


  Men's Lacrosse Rules 205 KB6/5/2015


  Adult Soccer Rules - Sports Dome 421 KB7/22/2015
  Youth Soccer Rules - Sports Dome 26 KB7/22/2015


  Adult Roster Card 56 KB7/18/2014
  Code of Conduct 56 KB1/8/2014
  Sports Dome Roster Form 76 KB10/12/2010

Tball, Baseball, Softball

  Team Picture Schedule 2015 13 KB6/10/2015
  Progress Park Baseball Field Map 105 KB5/24/2013
  Cherry Knolls Baseball Field Map 110 KB5/29/2013
  Lone Tree Elementary Baseball Field Map 104 KB6/3/2013
  deKoevend Park Map 146 KB6/12/2014
  Lone Tree Elem Park Map 117 KB6/12/2014
  Willow Creek Field Map 135 KB5/11/2015
  T-ball/Baseball/Softball FAQs 90 KB3/6/2015
  Coaches Manual T-ball, Mod. T-ball, Division 1, Division 2 280 KB3/25/2015
  Coaches Manual Division 3 251 KB3/25/2015

Sports Dome

  Adult Soccer Rules 421 KB7/22/2015
  Adult Flag Football Rules 24 KB7/22/2015
  SSPR Code of Conduct 148 KB7/22/2015
  Sportsmanship Guidelines - Adult Leagues 285 KB7/22/2015
  Team Manager Duties - Adult Leagues 295 KB7/22/2015
  Youth Registration Form 192 KB7/22/2015
  Youth Team Roster 77 KB7/22/2015
  Youth Coach Application/Background Check Forms 149 KB1/13/2014
  Youth Lacrosse Rules 25 KB7/22/2015
  Youth Soccer Rules 26 KB7/22/2015

Flag Football

  Code of Conduct 56 KB1/10/2014
  Sports Dome Adult Flag Football Rules 63 KB12/31/2010
  8 x 8 Outdoor Rules 49 KB7/16/2014
  Fall Outdoor Football 51 KB7/18/2014
  Adult Football Roster Card 56 KB9/29/2014
  Outdoor 4 v 4 Rules 83 KB3/12/2015
  Youth Flag Football Rules 126 KB3/24/2015

Youth 3on3 Basketball

  3on3 League Rules 21 KB7/1/2015
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