Art David Athletic League

Welcome to the Art David Athletic League

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The Art David Athletic League (ADAL) consists of 11 SF Bay Area peninsula middle schools:

Abbott Middle School - San Mateo
Bayside STEM Academy - San Mateo
Borel Middle School - San Mateo
Bowditch Middle School - Foster City
Central Middle School - San Carlos
Cunha Intermediate School - Half Moon Bay
JLS Middle School - Palo Alto
Jordan Middle School - Palo Alto
Ralston Middle School - Belmont
Terman Middle School - Palo Alto
Tierra Linda/Charter Learning Center - San Carlos

Our mission is to provide a safe and positive after school sports environment where all levels of athletes can take pride in representing their school in league play.

Sports Offered:

Fall: Girl's Volleyball, Flag Football and Cross Country
Winter: Basketball
Spring: Boy's Volleyball, Soccer
, Tennis and Track & Field

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2015-16 7-8th Grade Basketball Champions
Updated date: Monday, February 8, 2016 7:16 PM

Congratulations to our 2015-16 Basketball champions.  For a complete list of past league champions, click “All Sports – Past Champions“ at the left sidebar

     A Divsions                                                B Divisions

Girls 7th –  Central                           Girls 7th -  Jordan

Boys 7th – Cunha                            Boys 7th – Cunha

Girls 8th –  Borel                              Girls 8th -  Ralston

Boys 8th – Jordan                            Boys 8th – Ralston DD

Congratulations Girls 8th Grade All Stars
Updated date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 12:15 PM

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Girls Coaches: Kristie Halaufia & Sam Manu (Borel) & Rod Wyman (Ralston)


Abbott        Kalie Chang & Lauryn Hwang

Bayside      Nala Fainga & Nesi Hafoka

Borel          Lydia Manu, Kamaile Schaumkel & Sabine Cismoski

Bowditch    Jana Georgievski & Trinity O'Mahoney

Central      Maya Hirano & Alice Godwin

Cunha        Bella Dioli & Claire Yerby

JLS            Georgia Cowie & Anushka Tahiliani

Ralston            Rachel Amir Chatman & Catherine Dahlberg

Tierra Linda     Brooke Killingsworth & Amanda Kondo

Congratulations Boys 8th Grade All Stars
Updated date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 12:13 PM

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Boys Coaches: Tony Costa (Bowditch) & Pete Columbo (Jordan) 


Abbott        JD Carson & Shawn Cotton Jr 

Bayside      Noa Filimoehala & Teni Baitai-Lata

Borel          Petey Halpin & Terence Loville

Bowditch    Jackson Chew, Daniel Kim & Anthon Yu

Central       Oliver Blasband & Gregory Tech

Cunha        Danny Flores & Michael Hourani

JLS            Colin Babian & Elijah Steiner

More 8th Grade Boys All Stars
Updated date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 12:14 PM

Jordan           Joey Pasarello, Jameer Sheppard & Will Deandre

Ralston          Joe Sison & Zac Mallet

Terman          Max Giovannotto & Ezra Kohrman

Tierra Linda   Gabriel Anson & Joe Seaman

2015 Fall Sports Champions
Updated date: Monday, February 8, 2016 7:10 PM

Congratulations to our 2015 Volleyball & Flag Football league champions.  For a complete list of past league champions, click “All Sports – Past Champions“ at the left sidebar

   Volleyball A                         Volleyball B                     Flag Football* 

Girls 6th – Borel              Girls 6th – Ralston DD           6th - Terman

Girls 7th – Jordan            Girls 7th – Borel                    7th - Egan

Girls 8th – Borel               Girls 8th – Bowditch              8th - Blach

*Flag football division includes Egan and Blach Jr High Schools from Los Altos

Congratulations Girls Volleyball All Stars
Updated date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 6:30 PM

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Girls Coaches: Meliame Halaufia (Borel) & Alyssa Alonso (Bowditch 


Abbott        Elizabeth Dinglasan & Izabella Giavannoni

Bayside      Nala Fainga & Nesi Hafoka

Borel          Megan Shen, Aly Chew & Lydia Manu

Bowditch    Mia Cha, Sara Lacson & Melody Shao

Central       Emaa Holland & Marley Jackson

Cunha        Gabi Silverman & Kendall Mansukhani

JLS Blue     Kelsey Mora & Elaine Han

More Girls Volleyball All Stars

JLS White      Odeya Russo & Georgia Cowie

Jordan           Rebekah Limb & Ella Jones

Ralston          Sabrina Ng & Gabby Tirsell

Terman          Bella Chang & Miranda Tao

Tierra Linda   Alisha Mitha & Morgan McClellan

ADAL 2015 Track & Field Finals

See all results for the ADAL 2015 track & field finals in the left sidebar link "T&F 2015 RESULTS"

Arthur D. David was a titan of the youth and recreation sports community in the San Francisco peninsula area.  Based in Redwood City, he was first and foremost an umpire working different sports with a particularly love for fast pitch softball (he averaged 400 softball games a year).  He also scheduled and assigned referees for an incredible number of leagues.  This included softball leagues (over 800 teams), adult basketball leagues and the North Peninsula Athletic League (over 30 schools and 100s of teams).  In addition he created game schedules for local softball leagues and the NPIL league.  This effort required full time dedication which he truly enjoyed doing. 


Art is remembered fondly by those that knew him as an excellent official who loved youth sports and loved what he did.  He always had a smile on his face and was definitely "in it for the kids". 


When the NPIL league split apart in 1996, our newly formed Art David Athletic League was named in his honor.

Jeremy Lin - ADAL Alumnus

Congratulations to Jeremy Lin and his incredible ascent to the top of the NBA.  Jeremy started his competitive basketball career in the ADAL, beginning in 6th grade up through 8th grade when in 2002 the JLS boys team won the league championship (Jeremy is in the far right of the team picture).

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