Washington Youth Soccer District 7

Recreational Cup

November 1st and 2nd


Remember the time change

Fall back one hour Sunday

see schedules and standings on this page in the schedules to the left

-- Sven Akerman Jr, WYS District 7 Commissioner

Congratulations to BU11 D7 Champion

HYSC Marquez

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Congratulations to Gu11 Champion

Harbor Rockstars

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Congratulations to Bu19 Champions

Toledo Diablos

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District 7 Fall League Winners

Congratulations to:

                         Champions                Second Place

BU11                  HYSC Marquez           EMYSC Seaberg

BU12 (Green)      CBSC Red Lightning   CBSC FC Inferno

BU12 (Orange)    ChYSC Vargas            WYSC Winlock Chivas

BU12 (Blue)         OUSC Rebel Alliance   OUSC Hydra

BU13                  CBSC FC Santos         WhYSC Steve's Front End

BU14                  OUSC Tornadoes        TSC Nitro

BU14/15             HYSC Harbor Storm     CBSC Eagles

BU16                  SMYSC Real Madrid      HYSC Harbor Sounders

BU19                  ToYSC Diablo              RYSC Timbers

GU11                  HYSC Rockstars          EMYSC Nitro

GU12 (Green)      SMYSC Eclipse            TSC Fire Tigers

GU12 (Orange)    ChYSC McCallum          ChYSC Remund

GU12 (Blue)        OUSC Revolution          PSC Lazers

GU13                  EMYSC Fusion             TSC Lions

GU14 (Green)      EMYSC Dynamite         VYSC Volcanoes

GU14 (Orange)    ChYSC Zylstra              CeYSC Umpqua Bank

Next Board Meeting!!

District 7 - December Meeting
Sunday,  December 7, 2014 - 6:30 pm
Olympia Court House

2014 WYS Recreational Cup

District 7 Preliminary Tournament Nov. 1st and 2nd


Schedules are finalized and online. Please confirm your game times and locations.

As of 10/27, BU19 schedules for Nov. 2 have changed slightly to reflect referee availability.

Visit the Rec Cup page for more info.

WYS Recreational Cup State Quarterfinals:

   D7 Champions will represent District 7 in the state quarter final games on Dec. 6-7 against opponents from other Districts.  These games may be home or away (random draw), so teams should be prepared to travel.  Also, based on a WYS random draw, some second place teams may be wildcarded into the quarterfinals, too.

WYS Recreational Cup State Semi-finals and Finals:

    The state semi-finalists and finalist games are on Dec 13-14 at Starfire Soccer Complex in Tukwila.




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