District 6 Ernie Hazeltine SoccerFest

SoccerFest Rules
Updated date: Sunday, October 20, 2013 8:03 PM

Here are the rules:
*Referee-- Ideally, I would like the head coach to serve as the referee on their team's assigned games.  If the coach would like to designate an assistant, or someone else who is responsible from their team, that's ok.  Just one referee, each team can help them by calling in-and-out of bounds on their sideline. Remember, this is FUN-- if they miss some calls, that's ok.  We're NOT keeping score, and there is no "first place" or "last place".  Hopefully this will give coaches an appreciation of referees!
*Check in.  Only needs to be done before team's first game of the day.  Many U8 teams don't have player passes.  Coaches should just bring the roster they received from their league.  All other ages have player passes-- and kids CANNOT play without those passes. No guest players are allowed.  However, if a team is short, it's ok if they borrow a player from one of the other teams in the group that's on a break.
The ref should also check for equipment, as per usual, but this needs to be quick, as game times are tight!
*Game lengths-- all U8-U10:  20 minute games.  Play 10 minutes, then take a 2 minute break and swap sides.
                       U12 5-team groups-- 30 minute games.  Play 15 minutes then take a 2 minute break and swap sides.
                       U12-14 4-team groups-- 40 minute games.  2 20-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime.  Note that you have a 45 minute break in between games 2 and 3 and 4 and 5-- this is necessary to allow the team playing back-to-back to get rest.
*Game rules-- Normal soccer rules.  However, substitution on ANY stoppage (make them quick!).  U8 games should not have offsides or penalty kicks.  If host league has any unusual rules, they need to inform the visiting teams.
*Medals-- each team will receive a packet of medals for all players.  I will have one team in each group pick them up from me (in Elk Grove) or Danny Marquez (in Rosemont).
*Rain-- we do not have rainout makeups.  Each league has their own rain rules.  If it rains, some groups may still be able to play, some may not.  There are no refunds.  Just keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, please remember that Soccerfest is for the kids-- and we want you to relax and have some fun, enjoying one more day with your team, without the pressure of wins and losses.  It's fun to play in a new place, and against teams from different leagues.  Have fun!  Please don't yell, get angry, or let anyone else spoil the party.


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