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Fall Basketball Information
  • Thursday night schedules are posted on the left.
  • Rosters are due at your first game and frozen after the 3rd game. ID checks will be conducted.
  • Team Managers are responsible for the behavior of players and fans.
  • Download the 2014 Rules as some information has changed.
Free Agent List

Teams - do you need a player or two to fill out your roster?  Look no further than the Hurst Free Agent List (9/10/14).  During the season, this list is updated on a bi-weekly basis. If you pull someone from the list, please email and let us know so the list stays current.  

Individuals - if you are looking for a team, click the link to the left to be added to the list!  If you really want to play, why not form a team off of the list?
List of Approved Bats for ASA Softball

Click on the link below for a list of approved bats.
The approved Men's Softball for Hurst Leagues
Updated date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 11:59 AM

The official Men's softball for Hurst shall be the yellow optic cover, red stitch 12" ball with a size of 11.875 inches or over, a weight of 6.25 oz. or over, a COR of .520 or under, a compression of 300.0 lbs. or under and a Dynamic Stiffness of 5500.0 lbs. or under.
Open Play Volleyball

Did you know the Hurst Recreation Center has open play volleyball on Mondays 6pm-10pm and Saturdays 2pm-5pm? There must be at least 4 players present in order to set-up the net.  Grab some friends and head on up to "The Rec."  Please call 817-788-7325 for more info.

On the go? From your phone, go to - click Find Team Schedule to find your Team Schedule.

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