District 6 Cup
2016 District VI Cup - Enrollment is now Open

Detailed 2016 information is available in the application package in 'Downloads' Scroll to the bottom of this page to the 'Click here' line to enter District Cup
District Cup Age Group Status as of 5:00pm 10/20
   U10G:  Open, at  4 teams   ...... ....... ...... ....... ......  U10B:  Open, at  8 teams.
   U12G:  Open, at  4 teams   ...... ....... ...... ....... ......  U12B:  Open, at  5 teams.
   U14G:  Open, at  6 teams   ...... ....... ...... ....... ......  U14B:  Open, at  7 teams.
   U16G:  Open, at 11 teams  ..... (see note below) .....  U16B:  Open, at 11 teams.
   U19G:  Open, at 18 teams  ..... (see note below) .....  U19B:  Open, at 15 teams.

It is still early for the U10, U12 and U14 teams.  Many additional entries are expected in the next three weeks.  We are now in the late entry week for the U16 and U19 teams; we would like at least two seeding groups in each age group.

We try to have multiples of 8 teams within each age group (such as 8, 16, etc) so that each team plays three games in a four team flight. For younger ages we'll also go to 10 teams, but we try to avoid that in U16/U19s. We can also have a 6 team group which allows teams in two 3 team flights to play three games by playing one game with a team in the other flight.

Note that the team counts for the U16 and U19 entries includes verbal ('in the mail') enrollments in order to give you a complete picture of the entry situation.

U16 and U19 coaches, please call Bill Norris at 916-381-4166 before enrolling to check on current status and discuss your options.  When an age group is closed, you go on a waiting list until there are additional enrollments to fill out another seeding group.
High School and District Cup Play
An informational paper (prepared by Jason Lynch of the East Sacramento club) on eligibility for High School play and the District VI Cup tournament has been placed in 'Downloads'.

Enrollment in the 2016 District VI Cup tournament is now open.  District Cup (for U10 through U19 teams) is one of two 'end of season' tournaments open only to Recreational teams in District VI.  The other is the Ernie Hazeltine SoccerFest for U8 through U14 teams.  You cannot play in both of these events as they play on the same date.  Note also that Competitive teams may not participate in District Cup; the Commissioner's Cup tournament was created in 2012 for District VI teams playing in CYSA's competitive league (CCSL).  District Cup round-robin play for U16 and U19 teams is on Nov 12th and 13th; Finals will be held Nov 19th.  District Cup round-robin play for U10, U12 and U14 teams is on Dec 3rd and 4th; Finals will be held Dec 10th (Dec 4th for U10 and U12 Cup Challenge teams). 

Please review the detailed information on team responsibilities and seeding contained in the District Cup and SoccerFest application package (available by clicking 'Downloads' on the menu bar). The application package is an Adobe pdf document that you may review online and/or print.  Although most teams will submit an online entry to SoccerFest or District Cup, you may also mail a printed application (page 5 of the package) if you prefer to enter by mailed application and check.

The District Cup tournament provides a more competitive level of play than SoccerFest, but as with SoccerFest, it is also seeded into multiple levels.  The Cup Challenge group is for the most skilled teams; additional groups are formed as the number of entries permit.  Each seeding group consists of six to ten teams split into two flights of three, four or five teams each.  Teams play two, three, or four games in round-robin format on the first weekend.  Flight winners meet in a final match for their group the following Saturday.   Players on all participating teams will receive Tournament pins, and there are first and second place awards for all players on teams that play in a Final.  The team winning the final match in each of the Cup Challenge groups will also be awarded the perpetual District VI Cup trophy for their age-group.

CYSA also offers a State level end of season tournament for Recreational teams - Founders' Cup.  See the online CalNorth Team Manual for additional information.  Founders’ Cup U10 & U12 play is on the Dec 10/11 weekend and Founders’ Cup U14/U16/U19 play takes place on the Oct 29/30 weekend.


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