• Wednesday 5/31
    7:00 PM
    Cleaners vs The Heavyweights
    Rusch Gym  
  • Wednesday 5/31
    8:00 PM
    Franchise vs Beast Mode
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    12:00 PM
    HBK vs The Janitors
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    1:00 PM
    Nyquil vs Play Hard Hustle Harder
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    2:00 PM
    Kings vs Run N Gun
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    3:00 PM
    340 Sparkeez vs Trust The Process
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    4:00 PM
    Misfits vs Young and the Restless
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    5:00 PM
    Nazty vs TBA
    Rusch Gym  
  • Sunday 6/4
    6:00 PM
    You Won't vs Out of Shape
    Rusch Gym  

Adult SUNDAY League


          Starts 7/9

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Adult WEDNESDAY League


        Starts 7/19

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    Adult 3 on 3

  TUESDAY League


       Starts 6/6

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Adult MONDAY League


          Starts 7/17

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      2nd Annual

      Fall Classic

   October 27-29

  Call Jake Polito


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 Softball at Rusch

 Park and Antelope

 Community Park

  is run by GSSA

 Please check out their

website for information,

schedules, and standings:


      Adult Sports



    Adult Basketball

 Open Gym Calendar!

            Jake Polito

Recreation Coordinator II



           Kelly France 

Recreation Coordinator I



         Todd Gordon

Senior Recreation Services




  If you have the desire

   to coach and make a

 huge impact in the lives

   of our community's

youth, please contact Jake

         at 725-6287.

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