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Rain Hotline - 925-671-3479

Monday, November 9, 2015

As of 1:20p all games will continue as scheduled.  We will update the rain hotline and post new information if conditions change.


2015 Adult Softball Survey

The 2015 Fall Season is quickly coming to an end.  It has been a great year but we want to make next year even better.  Please take a few minutes to complete our

2015 Adult Softball Survey



Photos Wanted

We are looking for some new Softball Photos! 

Team photos, action shots, anything that we can use in our Softball Brochure and advertising. 

Please send any photo you think we can use in JPEG format to include the name of the photographer that should receive credit and player or team name. 

Open reminder to players, managers and spectators

Just a reminder that the Concord Adult Softball Player Code of Conduct reads:

Rule F.  No player shall:  Discuss with an official in any manner the decision reached by such official except the manager, coach or player-captain.

Rule G.  No player/spectator shall:  Use profane, obscene, or vulgar language any manner or at any time. Nor use obscene or objectionable gestures/demonstrations toward an official, opponent or fan in any manner or at any time. This includes the use of trash talk in an attempt to incite unsportsmanlike conduct or any action deemed by league staff as not conducive to the intended program atmosphere.

If your team would like clarification on a call, would like to consider protesting a RULE call or has other matters they feel they would like to discuss with the umpire or league official - the team manager or acting manager is the only one that should be approaching the umpire or league official.  Players yelling from the field/dugout is not an appropriate way to discuss a call.  Spectators yelling from the stands is not appropriate.

AND profanity is never acceptable and extends beyond the "F" word. We encourage family members of all ages to come out to the fields to support players and it is the leagues expectation that families can do so without being exposed to profanity. 

Finally, please remember, spectators and players can be sanctioned for behavior before during and after the game. 

Everyone is out here to have fun.  Ejections are not fun. Listening to profanity is not fun.

Thank you all for doing your part.

~ Concord Softball

Pick me! Pick me!

Still need a player or two for your team?

Check out our free agent list to find eager ball players just waiting to be picked for a team.


Current managers, send an email to requesting we email you the most current list. 

Photo from The Sandlot, 1993, 20th Century Fox Movies

Where did it go?

Can't find your bat or glove? 

Be sure to check the lost and found in the Sports Office located beside the batting cages in the Field 2 parking lot.


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