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Have fun and good luck to all of our teams this Fall! 
The Athletic Rainout Phone # is (972) 292-6666.


ASA Website:
ASA Non-Approved Bat List:

Kickball/WAKA Website:

Ultimate Frisbee Website:

Coming in 2015 

Flag Football 5 on 5

Sand Volleyball


Click here to signup for text and email communications - then follow these steps:
  • Click the link above.
  • Type in 1) your Name, 2) email address, 3) cell phone including area code, 4) click the Submit button.
  • Enter the 4 digit activation code that is texted to you.
  • Click the Validate button -- and you're Done! : -)

Please click on the Downloads link for a copy of the Softball League rules and also a copy of the lineup card.


On the go? From your phone, go to - click Find Team Schedule to find your Team Schedule.

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Coming in the Spring of 2015, 5 on 5 Men's Flag Football. This league will compliment the return of 8 on 8 Flag Football in the Fall of 2015. Teams will need to be on the look out for registration and those without teams will be able to sign up on a Free Agent List.


Athletic Facility Supervisor

Mark Willingham -

Bio: As the newest addition to the Frisco Parks and Recreation team, Mark's position will be to focus on the City's athletic facilities and Adult Sports. Mark comes to us from Central Texas (Austin area) were he ran the youth and adult programming for all sports. Within his 7 years of experience, he has hosted many tournaments to include TAAF State Flag Football, USSSA Qualifiers, and ASA State and National Tournaments.

Born and raised in East Texas, Mark attended Texas A&M University and has his degree in Sports Management. Mark and his family come to Frisco with great ambition for the future. Mark stated that, "there is no limit to what Frisco can accomplish. I hope to better the great service to the residents of Frisco and meet the goal of making Frisco a destination location in the sports world."

Mark will be taking over the adult sports programs in the new year. In the mean time, he will be adjusting to the move and gaining information on the needs of Frisco. Please wish him well and welcome our new supervisor.