Manatee County Recreation


Please Check Division Schedules for Make-up Games and Playoffs


There will be a Mandatory Coaches Meeting January 26th @ 7pm. This meeting will be to confirm team placement, divisions, and finalize rules for the upcoming season. Per discussions during the offseason and last nights meeting, below are the requested changes. Pending no changes at the January 26th meeting, these changes will be approved for the upcoming season.

  • Team Jerseys will no longer be required. Six inch numbers on the back of all jerseys will be required and must be worn by all parties on the field of play. This shall include the fielders, batters, runners, and coaches. Any player/runner without a number will not be permitted to play (Official - Ejection from field) and any Coach will be asked to leave the field of play (Not Park, Dugouts OK).

  • C-League Home Runs = 1 and then an Out.

  • PHOTO ID CHECK for playoffs will remain and Players must have played 3 games during the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. Any player/team protested by the other team shall be considered an illegal/ineligible player and by rule, the team will forfeit the game.
  • A League - Draft? Great Idea! Depends on the coaches, revisit after registration.

Player Classifications - Submit requests to reclassify players by Jan. 21

Bat Testing - 2017 Stickers will be available starting Tuesday, January 16

One item discussed at the meeting last night, invite family, friends, and neighbors back out to play recreational softball. For 2017 lets make it a point to build a league by including all and bringing those that want to play, get out of the house, and socialize...back out.