Chico Area Recreation & Park District

Weather & Field Conditions Line: 895-4711 ext. 3.

During periods of inclement weather, call one hour before your game is scheduled, to check for cancellations.                                                                 


Tournament Bracket  and Tie Breaker Information
For Championship Games: Top seed is home team.

YOUTH LEAGUES: Team Sideline automatically computes the tie-breakers for seeding as follows: 
1. Winning Percentage
2. Head to Head
3. Common Opponent
4. Strength of Schedule
5. Coin Toss
ADULT LEAGUES: Team Sideline automatically computes the tie-breakers for seeding as follows 
1. Winning Percentage
2. Head-To-Head
3. Total Runs/Points (Goals) Against
4. Common Opponents
5. Strength of Schedule
6. Coin Toss


1. Winning Percentage
2. Head-To-Head
3. Strength of Schedule
4. Total Runs/Points (Goals) Against 
5. Common Opponents
6. Coin Toss


Open Gyms 

Volleyball $3 per person

Current schedule:
Sunday evenings 4:00pm-6:00pm

No open gym scheduled for the following dates: 6/19, 7/3, 9/4


Basketball $3.00 per person
Sunday mornings 9am-11pm
Open gym Guidelines
1) $3 or valid punch card per person is due upon entering the gym. No exclusions. (No IOUs or partial payments)
2) If there are not at least 10 participants present, open gym will be shut down for the day (drop-in fee will be refunded).
3) Due to the large amount of people that attend open gym, capacity may be capped at 28 people...(4 teams of 6 w/one sub per team).
Each Open Gym Punch Card is $25 has 10 punches, good for use at any open gym session.  NO EXPIRATION. Course start and end dates DO NOT dictate when card can be used.  If purchased on-line:, card will be sent out to the Field House for pick-up the following scheduled open gym.


ASA Certified Equipment page: HERE

Adult Sports Free Agents
Don’t have a team?  Go to and use the free agent sign up link.  Give us some background information about yourself, the sport you are interested in, and a way to reach you, and we will circulate that information to the managers in our leagues to help you pick up with a team.  Another great way to get on a team is to be at the fields connecting with adults in the community!


Chico Senior Softball Club
Established in 1984, the Chico Senior Softball Club (CSSC) is an independent club that provides an opportunity for individuals 48 years and older to pursue their love of the game of softball. Through an arena of competition, sportsmanship and teamwork, the club promotes fun, fellowship and camaraderie. If you are interested in learning more about this club, visit or call 530-345-1111 or 530-566-4849.

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Games will be played as scheduled.
  • Wednesday 8/31
    9:30 PM
    She Devils vs Johnston's Inspection Services
    HO- Rex Murphy
  • Wednesday 8/31
    9:30 PM
    Chowder Heads vs Sons of Pitches