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After reviewing the NFHS uniform guidelines and keeping in perspective school budget restraints when purchasing uniforms the UNIFORM GUIDELINES are as follows and pertains to teams with same color uniforms:

1. If only one team has a reversible top then the head official will have that team reverse their uniform. Time will be provided for the team to change their tops.

2. If both teams have reversible uniforms a coin flip, with the assistance of the head official, will occur. The winning flip will stay as is and the opposing team will reverse their uniform.

3. If reversible jerseys one of the following will be decided at the head officials discretion:

a. one team will wear pennies. A coin flip will occur to decide which team. The winning flip will stay as is and the opposing team will wear the pennies.

b. referees will use the predominate color on the uniforms.  For example, if the numbers on one team is blue, and the other team has red numbers then the officials will use blue and red to identify the teams.



Rotary Tournament Registration

Happening Now!!!

Girls: January 11-27, 2016

Boys: January 19-February 16,2016


Tournament Dates:

Girls: February 13-15, 2016

Boys:March 5-20, 2016


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  • Friday 2/12
    7:45 PM
    Marina West 2 vs Colonia White
    Colonia Gym
  • Friday 2/12
    8:00 PM
    PAL vs Fremont 1
    PAL Gym