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AGLL takes the safety of kids to be the number one priority as does Little League. Only approved volunteers are allowed to work and interact regularly with the players, including Board Officials, Managers, Coaches, Team Moms, Team Scorekeepers, Umpires, and others with regular player contact.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in completing the volunteer list so far, and there may be additional updates in the future. If you ever have any questions about who may be CLEARED to volunteer, please check against the list or contact our Safety Officer, Brandon Prior (brandon@aglittleleague.org).

It takes all our eyes to watch out for these kids, whether players at a game or practice or siblings at the fields. Your help in this in invaluable.

Thank you, 
Hamilton Collins 
AGLL President

2018 Volunteers  Cleared as of February 19, 2018

The division(s) with which each volunteer is associated will be added soon.

Last Name, FirstDivisionPosition
Aguilar, Karen-Team Parent
Aguilar, Steve-Manager
Allen, Mike-Manager
Amaro, Jesse-Coach
Arce, James-Volunteer
Attiq, Julius-Board, Coach
Bartolome, Linda-Team Parent
Bessom, Jason-Manager
Bickel, Darin-Coach
Brown, Gregory-Volunteer
Bouchard, Drew-Team Parent
Bouchard, Lindsay-Team Parent
Byrne, Bobby-Coach
Carlock, Deanna-Board
Carlock, William-Coach, Umpire
Carlson, Carol-Board
Carpenter, David-Coach
Castro, Conrado-Coach
Charney, Justin-Coach
Colling, Brian-Coach
Collins, Hamilton III-Board, Umpire
Collins, Shannon-Coach
Cuellar, Denise-Board, Team Parent
Drake, Daris-Volunteer
Eidson, Brent-Volunteer
Engle, Ryon-Manager
Evans, Chris-Team Parent
Evans, Kevin-Coach
Famolaro, Pete-Board, Manager
Ferguson, Tod-Volunteer
Fillat, Dan-Coach
Fillat, Heidi-Team Parent
Froio, Vincent-Coach
Gildehaus, Dennis-Board, Coach, Umpire
Gingrich, Shelly-Volunteer
Godown, ClintonNAUmpire
Good, Christopher (Seth)-Coach
Gould, Megan-Team Parent
Graham, DavidNABoard, Umpire
Griffin, Stacy-Volunteer
Guier, Jessica-Volunteer
Hall, Carol-Volunteer
Hall, David-Manager
Ham, Andrea-Coach
Ham, Thomas-Coach
Harmes, Edgard (Eddie)-Manager, Coach
Harmes, Heidi-Volunteer
Haughey, Phillip-Volunteer
Hensley, Joe-Manager
Herman, Eric-Manager
Izaquirre, Luis (Tony)-Coach
Johnstone, Meghan-Team Parent
Jumelet, Adrienne-Coach
Kelley, Darren-Coach
Klingenmeier, Randy-Team Parent
Kramer, Kimberley-Volunteer
Lamoreaux, Lolani-Manager
Lee, Kim-Volunteer
Lee, Steve-Coach
Lee, Torrance (Dave)-Coach
Leslie, Daniel-Coach
Lewis, Travis-Coach, Umpire
Lopez, Dorian-Coach
Lopez, Louis-Coach
Lowery, Matt-Manager
Marcellino, James-Manager
Marcellino, Tiffany-Manager
McCann, Kathryn-Volunteer
McCleave, Erik-Coach
McIntyre, Creigh (Ryan)-Volunteer
McIntyre, Jennifer-Volunteer
Meek, Nikki-Board
Mellinger, Ainslie-Coach
Mellinger, Doug-Manager
Mellinger, Tawnya-Team Parent
Merrill, Jared-Manager
Merrill, Sara-Volunteer
Michener, John-Coach
Michener, Tara-Volunteer
Moloney, Christine-Board
Moloney, Kieran-Volunteer
Morris, Rachel-Team Parent
Murray, Lynn-Volunteer
Nobiensky, Jason-Volunteer
Nobiensky, Polly-Team Parent
Olson, Jessica-Board, Coach
Olson, Michael-Manager
Olson, Robert-Volunteer
Olson, Tracey-Coach
Padilla, Derek-Coach
Palmer, Clyde (Wes)-Coach
Pearson, Brian-Coach
Pearson, Cassandra-Coach
Pecoraro, Amy-Team Parent
Pecoraro, John-Volunteer
Peña, Daniel-Coach
Peraza, Nevada-Volunteer
Prendergast, Daryl-Volunteer
Prior, Brandon-Board, Coach
Prior, Desiree-Volunteer
Ramos, Michele-Board
Reardon, Jennifer-Volunteer
Regester, Jacob-Coach
Rice, Brandon-Coach
Roche, Cecelia-Volunteer
Roche, Michael-Coach
Rosas, Rosalie-Team Parent
Rosenzweig, Aaron-Coach
Ruff, Juli-Volunteer
Ruff, Ryan-Manager
Ruiz, Rafael Sr.-Coach
Russo, Joe-Coach
Sandoval, Beau-Volunteer
Savage, Kiko-Coach
Sawaya, Lisa-Scorekeeper
Sawaya, Steve-Coach
Simon, Kyle-Volunteer
Sitta, Roma-Volunteer
Smithey, Joe-Manager
Stepner, Joshua-Coach
Stepner, Shannon-Team Parent
Symington, Gary-Coach
Teichman, Benjamin-Coach
Thornton, Thomas-Coach
Truex, Colin-Manager
Truex, Jenny-Coach
Villavicencio, ErnieNABoard, Umpire
Vitale, Mario Jr.-Coach
Vitale, Rachel-Volunteer
Williamson, Kevin-Team Parent
Yancey, Trevor-Board, Manager
Zeiger, Paul-Coach