Here are links to access Little League and AGLL local league rules, as well as some useful resources for new and experienced Little League umpires. If you know of another good resource to add, please send a message to

Little League and AGLL Local League Rules

Little League Rules
Resources including information about any rule or regulations changes for the current year not included in the print version of the rulebook, significant changes included in the current year’s rulebook, and information about how to purchase the most up-to-date versions of the Little League rulebooks in both print and for mobile.

AGLL Local League Rules
AGLL's local league rules are intended as a supplement to the Little League Baseball Operating Manual and Official Regulations and Playing Rules. League officials, managers, coaches, and volunteers shall adhere to these local rules in addition to the LL Rules.

Little League Rules Myths
A collection of common misbeliefs about Little League baseball and softball rules.

Bat Information

Pitching Rules


Useful Umpire Training Resources

Little League Umpire Registry
Little League’s Umpire Registry offers Little League umpires an informative way to stay on top of their game. By joining the Umpire Registry, umpires immediately become part of a unique information network.

Little League University
Little League's education and training website designed to transform the way volunteers, league and district administrators, coaches, and parents experience learning about the Little League program.

Amateur Baseball Umpires' Association (ABUA)
Little League provides a FREE online training resource portal that contains numerous videos and an assortment of educational and informational content that will benefit umpires and their community.

Little League Umpiring 101
A site developed for new and beginning umpires (< 3 years experience) to help you learn quickly and have fun while doing it.

Mechanics for Umpires: Plate & Bases
Information on umpire roles and responsibilities, start positions and basic rotations, and plate mechanics.

The Art of Umpiring Baseball
A diverse mix of articles offering practical advice, real essentials for excelling at what you do, and some hints at what you should avoid.


Umpire Gear

Honig's Whistle Shop

Gerry Davis Sports