It’s never too late to relive your playground glory days!

Kickball is gaining ground as a warm-weather social athletic pastime. The game offers adults an alternative to the traditional recreation sports that is more laid-back, easier to pick up, and less dependent on athletic prowess. Even the best players can only rarely loft a kickball farther than the shallow outfield, and nobody can really throw one very far.

Kickball is something active and semi-athletic that brings guys and girls together to have some fun. Players believe kickball is popular because it's pretty easy to play and requires little athletic ability. The game is something brought back from childhood and there is a level of expectation of comedy at the games.

Our coed kickball league will begin on Tuesday evening, June 9 at Timber Linn and Bryant softball complexes. Team cost will be $250 per team for 6 weeks of double header play with playoffs. Late Registration Fee will be $295 after 5/15/15

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