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Current Season: Fall 2017

Schedules:   Monday Coed West

      Wednesday Men's East

                    Wednesday Coed West 1/2

                    Wednesday Coed West 3

                    Thursday Coed East

                    Thursday Men's East 1

                    Thursday Men's East 2/3

                    Thursday Men's West

                    Friday Coed 

Rules: Softball Rules

Next Season: Fall 2017

 Start Date: Week of September 25th

Registration Begins: August 28th

Registration Deadline: September 29th (Late Registration may be accepted based on availability) 

 Current League Nights:

Monday: West Coed
Tuesday: East Men's  
Wednesday: East Men's and West Coed
Thursday: East Men's & Coed and West Men's 
Friday: East Coed & West Coed

Fees: $350 team registration fee for 10 games

     $14 Umpire Fees per game paid in cash at each game

To Register: Complete Softball Team Registration Form and email to or

Questions? Call Jonathon Maldonado at (714) 765-5096 or Brandon Harper at (714) 765-5290




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