Registration for the Fall '15 season...

...begins May 1st! (Wednesday, January 28, 2015 6:31 PM)

AYSC, kids enjoying soccer in the beautiful California foothills.


Which age group to register?

Birth Date Range
 Age Group
 8/1/09 - 7/31/11 U6
 8/1/07 - 7/31/09 U8
 8/1/05 - 7/31/07 U10
 8/1/03 - 7/31/05 U12
 8/1/01 - 7/31/03 U14

Thinking about helping your child in a profound way?  Want to make a difference for a bunch of local kids? 

 Then be a coach for AYSC!

 Not sure what it entails?  How do you start - even if you have zero experience with the game of soccer?

Come to our informational coaches' meeting!

Thursday, May 7th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM


Please remember:  As part of our agreement with the school district, dogs are not allowed on any of our playing fields at any time (practice or games).  

Player or coach injured?  Click here for instructions.

Questions?  To be connected with the appropriate board member, 
please email Kyle, AYSC Communications Coordinator.

Remember... AYSC is

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you on the pitch!

See full inclement weather policy below.

Click here for local radar.

 Other soccer clubs in the 49er Youth Soccer League: Colfax, Foresthill, Newcastle/Ophir, and Placer Hills.

See Coaches page for information on becoming a hero to a group of kids!

  • The home coach is responsible for notifying the visiting coach if a match is cancelled. Pleas also contact our referee coordinator.  A match may be cancelled up to the scheduled start time of the match as weather changes.  We apologize if you and your parents drive to the match and it is cancelled at the last minute. Again, we want to get in as many matches as we safely can. AYSC coach email contact info can be found under our Forms tab in the Coaches Tools. Coach contact info for coaches outside our club can be found at (As a coach you must "sign in" to view the other coaches contact info for your division.)  You may want to contact the opposing coach to get their cell number if not listed on the contact list.
  •  In the event of a league-wide cancellation, a notice will be posted here or on  Parents can check the websites throughout the day for updates.  If there is a league-wide cancellation, make-up matches may be played on the make-up weekend scheduled for November 15th.   Attempts will be made to reschedule regionally cancelled matches. Please inform your parents that matches may be played on Nov 15th in the event of a game cancellation.
  • If there is no league-wide cancellation, games may still be cancelled at the coach/referees discretion.  Games should be immediately cancelled in the event of thunder, lightning or enough rain that there is standing water on the field.  High winds and rain should also be taken into consideration. As much as we want games to play on, we do not want anyone's safety put at risk!
  • If a match is cancelled at the last minute and youth referees are at the field without a ride. Please stay with them until their parents arrive to pick them up. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM THERE ALONE.

As part of our agreement with the school district, dogs are not allowed on any of our playing fields at any time (practice or games).