CABA Colorado was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing baseball to Colorado. 

We are diverse group of people that understand the goals and objectives of youth baseball teams and their coaches. CABA Colorado comes to you with over 50 years of combined  tournament and volunteer experience.

We welcome The Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) back to Colorado and look forward to the success of not only CABA but the success of the teams that play with us. CABA is excited to provide new and exciting opportunities to all of the Colorado baseball community.

The Continental Amateur Baseball Association launched their initial season in 1984

CABA has qualifying tournaments during the spring and summer from Delaware to Washington and the Caribbean. Every year teams compete in these great events to win a state championship, qualify for national competition or just enjoy a great weekend of baseball!!


The teams participate in leagues or tournaments throughout the spring and summer and earn the right to compete with other teams from the Unites States and teams from around the world in World Series and National Championship Events.


The Continental Amateur Baseball Association nationally has participation from Panama, Aruba, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada, as well as 36 of the continental United States.

We are grateful for our rapid growth over the past 5 years and prospects for the future as we add new tournament sites in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Missouri. Along with CABA leagues and tournament sites from coast to coast, nearly 500 teams participated in the 2011 CABA World Series.

You are appreciated for making

CABA the Gold Standard as the Greatest Show On Dirt!