About: CGBFL Cheerleading is an extension of the youth football program to provide an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, learn leadership skills, and provide support to the football team. All children are welcome to participate and not required to be enrolled in the Center Grove School District. Listed below is more detailed information about the program and upcoming season for 2017. Updates and or changes will be posted in the Facebook Group, Center Grove Bantam Cheerleading. We highly recommend joining this group! 


Who: Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Cost: $95. This price includes your CGBFL registration, uniform top, uniform skirt, spanks, and poms which are all yours to keep at the end of the season. This also includes a Free Cheer Clinic provided by the Junior Trojan Cheerleaders prior to the season opening. A participation trophy is awarded at the end of the season along with free entry for your cheerleader into the CGHS Football Game on CGBFL Recognition Night. New this year is an opportunity to attend a dance clinic by the CGHS Dance Team and perform with them on Recognition Night for an additional cost. More information on this is listed below. 

Practice Schedule: Cheerleaders will practice 1-2 times per week at the discretion of the selected Cheer Coach. Dates and times will vary for each squad but no more than 1 hour in duration per practice. Once your child is placed on a squad, their Coach will be in contact to determine what days and times work for everyone. 

Game Schedule: Cheerleaders will participate in 1-2 football games per week. The game schedule will be distributed by your football team once finalized. CGBFL Cheerleading operates on a maximum of 3 events per week allowed. For example: If you only have 1 football game scheduled that week, squads will be allowed to practice twice. If you have two games scheduled that week, squads will only be allowed to practice once. 

Requests: CGBFL does accept requests for specific teams and squads. All requests must be emailed to mrsindianaus2012@yahoo.com with the following information. Cheerleaders Name, Specific Request (If you are requesting a football team: List the Football Players Name. Reminder: Cheerleaders ONLY cheer for the Minors & Majors. If your son or family member in on Flag or Rookie, your request can not be met.) (If your request is for your cheerleader to be placed on a squad with a friend please list that Cheerleaders name.) Requests are accepted NOT guaranteed. Requests are ONLY guaranteed when your request is combined with a parent/friend volunteering as Cheer Coach or a Cheer Coach is already in place for the squad/team you are requesting. Some circumstances do arise to where two parents are volunteering for the same squad/team. If that situation does arise, the request will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Please note, it is impossible for us to meet all requests but we do try our best. Due to the large number of requests received, Cheerleaders will be placed on squads with a variety of ages. We will do our best to keep like aged cheerleaders together, however it is not guaranteed. 

Cheer Coaches: CGBFL is successful due to the amazing volunteers! We encourage you to volunteer as a Cheer Coach or split the duties with another Coach and team up. CGBFL provides you with all the support and information you need to create a successful, safe, fun squad! Coaching cheer is a rewarding experience and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us! 

Misc Info: Important Dates not listed below will be updated soon and are subject to change. 

CGHS Dance Clinic NEW: Exciting and new opportunity for all cheerleaders registered with CGBFL! In the past, the cheerleaders have ran out through the tunnel with the football players on Recognition Night at CGHS. You may still do this however, you may choose to pay a $20 donation to the CGHS Dance Team to learn and perform a dance taught by them on Recognition Night. This is a great opportunity and fun event! Not required but highly encouraged! More information will be available soon! 

Contact Info: Carrie Owens mrsindianaus2012@yahoo.com. All information is subject to change and all decisions are at the full discretion of the Director of Cheerleading. 



Registration Open: NOW

Registration Closes: July 19

Uniform Fitting: TBD 

Cheer Coach Meeting: TBD 

Squad Placements: TBD 

Free Cheer Clinic: August 7 (Subject to change & weather permitting) 

Opening Game Day: August 12

CGHS Dance Clinic: TBD 

CGBFL Recognition Night: TBD 

Season Ends: September 30 


Center Grove Junior Trojan Cheerleading 


About: The CG Junior Trojan Cheer Squad is a travel team supporting the Junior Trojan Football Team. This squad does require a try-out and a select few are chosen to participate and join the squad. It is NOT required for CGBFL Cheerleaders to try-out, it is optional but highly encouraged. Any cheerleader who does not make the final Junior Trojan Cheer Squad is encouraged to sign up for CGBFL Cheer Program! The Junior Trojan Squad and experience will prepare your cheerleader for the middle and high school cheer expectations. We have a 100% success rate in every former Junior Trojan Cheerleader has made the Middle School Squad. Listed below are the important dates and information. Follow us on Instagram for updates to this information @juniortrojanscheer. 


2017 JRT Cheer Try-Outs 

Who: 4th - 6th Grade 

When: July 10,11,12 

Clinic: July 10, 11

Try-Out: July 12 

Where: TBD (One of the Middle Schools or High School) 

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Mandatory Parent Meeting: July 10 at the conclusion of the first clinic. 

Clinic Attire: Cheerleaders must wear appropriate athletic clothing for the clinics. Shorts, Tank/TShirt, Pony Tail, No Jewlery, Athletic Shoes, Water Bottle. Cheer Bow encouraged, not required. 

Clinic Info: Cheerleaders will be taught 1 cheer, 1 chant, and 1 dance required for try-outs. They will be required to execute a few basic jumps, minimal tumbling, and spirit which will be reviewed during the clinic. Extensive Tumbling is NOT required to make the squad. 

Try-Out Attire: Black Athletic Shorts, White Tank/TShirt, Pony Tail, No Jewlery, Athletic Shoes, Water Bottle. Cheer Bow encouraged, not required. 

Try-Out Info: Cheerleaders will try-out in groups of 3 in front of qualified judges. Cheerleaders will also be assigned a number at the beginning of try-outs which is how the judges will identify them. The final squad will be announced that evening July 12 on CGBFL.org

Misc Info: Every cheerleader MUST have a signed waiver on file before participating in the first clinic. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the first clinic to sign the waiver and provide any additional information we may need. 

Contact Info: Any questions or concerns you may contact Carrie Owens at mrsindianaus2012@yahoo.com

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