1. Have you filled out your returning or new volunteer application? If not head to the volunteer application main tab and find the appropriate pull-down option. These items will need to be printed upon completion and turned into the appropriate league official.

2. Have you enrolled as a volunteer? If not, head to the registration tab and select the pull down. Then click on "enroll" or "volunteer".  This is a vital step as it allows us to upload your information for our Little League Charter, to Little League International. This also will allow Managers or Head Coaches to have their teams assigned to them accordingly.

3. Once you have completed the above steps, you will schedule an interview time w/ our Board. We will be contacting volunteers throughout the process and updating them on our interview schedule.

4. Once you have completed your interview, and have been approved to volunteer for the upcoming season, you will need to proceed to the concussion training. See below for pertinent information.

 Concussion Training, as mandated by the State of Oregon.The concussion training is located at:  Click "Launch the Course" on the right hand side of the screen to get started.  Once finished, print a copy of the certificate and bring with you to the interview OR if after interviews please turn into your Division Coordinator.

Please note concussion certificates completed within the last 12 months for another youth organization, should be acceptable (i.e. Basketball, Football, Volleyball). Concussion training completion is typically good for one calendar year. 

Thank you for your consideration in helping out CLL this year!

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