1. Residency Proofs: Please know you will need to provide the league with Proof of Residency within league boundaries. This can either be the players home address OR their school address. For acceptable forms of home address, click HERE. The other way to qualify is if your child's school is inside our boundaries. If so, please click HERE and have this form filled out and returned to the league.

2. How to provide Residency Documents: You have two options to provide the league with your required documents. You may either bring to one of our Assessment Sessions OR you can upload through your Team Sideline Account. Please note you CAN NOT upload your birth certificate as the copy must be seen in person. If you choose upload you will log into your account. Click on "Member", and then click the pencil icon next to the players name to the right. From there you will see three locations to upload a file. Again please Click HERE for what is required as a document.

3. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate Requirement):   Every player must present to the league, a ceritifed copy of your players birth certificate (unless your child has played All-Stars and has a current TPV Form filled out on file). Note the birth certificate can NOT be a copy, but rather it must be an original issued from the County or State. This is NOT a CLL policy, rather a LL International Policy. - Click HERE for details

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