Have you wanted to get involved with volunteering, but were not sure where to start and what to do? No problem, we got your back. Below you will find a detailed layout of what our volunteer positions are in CLL. Most often new parents to our league like to step up and volunteer to be a T-Ball Manager, Coach or Assistant. But often we find parents reluctant because they haven’t been a volunteer before.  Not a problem, CLL is here to help you and train you along the way.  We highly encourage parents to get involved at any level. Sometimes just becoming a team parent will help pave the path to trying out being a coach. Soon you’ll see how rewarding it is, and you’ll have a hard time imagining you didn’t do this before.


The Manager has primary responsibility for the team, player development (with Head Coach) and communication with Division Director and Parents. He/She works with the Head Coach and assistant coach(es) to create practice plans, game line-up and other team needs as well as provide base coaching as applicable for the division. If applicable, the Manager participates in player draft (baseball divisions Minors and Above) and therefore must be in place before player assessments in February.  In addition, the Manager is responsible for attending all League Coaching Meetings including Umpire Training as well as holding a mandatory team parent meeting before 1st practice. Some game umpiring will be required at the Minors Division and above. 

Head Coach:

The Head Coach has secondary responsibility for the team and player development. He/She works with the Manager during practices and games including base coaching and/or dug-out management. Head Coaches are required to attend player assessments and the draft, if applicable, and must attend coaching meetings and applicable training as well as parent meetings. Some game umpiring is required at the Minors Division and above.

Assistant Coach:

The Assistant Coach has the responsibility of supporting the Manager and Head Coach. They have responsibility as interim Manager or HC in the event either two of those positions are vacant for a practice or game. Duties include assisting with and executing practice plans, base coach or either dugout coach. Assistant Coaches are required to attend all coach training sessions and league meetings. Some game umpiring at Minors and above may be required.

Parent/Practice Helper (4th and 5th Rostered Coach):

A Parent/Practice Helper (commonly referred to as your 4th and 5th coaches per league roster) are available to assist the coaching team during practices which allows for a lower player to coach ratio and encourages more station work and less standing around for players. Parent Practice Helpers are also encouraged to go through umpire training (Farms, Minors & Majors). This training not only provides more knowledge to these parents, but also provides the possibility of volunteering to umpire on occasion to take some pressure off of the coaching staff. During games only the Manager, Head Coach and Assistant Coach are allowed on the field. 4th and 5th Coaches may be able to provide pre-game warm-up, but must be outside of the playing field during games.

Team Parent:

The team parent has primary responsibility for off field organization and parent communication including concessions volunteer list management, team fundraising and picture coordination and other activity coordination as determined by the teams' needs. These activities could be hand out of uniforms, ordering player trophies, planning end of season party and creating sign-up sheet for post-game snack. 

Snack Shack Volunteer:

Snack Shack volunteers are exactly that. They help in the Snack Shack. CLL has two main Snack Shacks that operate throughout the season. One is located at Bilquist Elementary with younger divisions and the other is located at Riverside Park for older divisions. It is imperative that we fill out our Snack Shack volunteer shifts for the season, as the league relies heavily on the revenue for league equipment, uniforms and many other expenses. Each team usually gets assigned 3-4 shifts to cover for the season, and that information is passed onto the Team Parent and Manager to schedule. If we do not get shifts covered, our snack shack usually will remain closed. Often that becomes a huge disappointment to parents, but also to all of the participants that look forward to a tasty snack or cold refreshment post game. Snack Shack is ONLY open on game days.


Sometimes in our league we have parents or grandparents that would like to help, but prefer not to Coach. Often they will get involved with Umpiring. Many of our umpires continue to come back year to year because it's rewarding working with the kids and coaches and teaching/learning the game. 

** Please note that all of our volunteer positions require the volunteer application to be filled out. As well as a background check form. Please click here for Volunteer/Coach App and click here for Background Form.

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