2017 End of Season Survey Survey

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1. Registration - I knew about registration dates ahead of the season deadline.

2. Registration - How would you rate the website's registration process?

3. Information - How would you rate the Eastern Little League website (www.easternll.com)?

4. Information - I relied on the easternll.com website for information

5. Information - What would you like added to the website that you feel would be beneficial?

6. Information - I am happy with the league's communication with the parents.

7. Fundraiser - I / we liked the Eastern LL fundraisers. (Ex. Cookie Dough, Home Run Derby, Dine and Donate)

8. Fundraisers - The cookie dough Fundraiser was easy to understand and promote/sell?

9. Fundraiser - The Eastern LL Home Run Derby event was valuable and fun.

10. Facilities - How would you rank the quality of the facilities at Eastern Little League?

11. Facilities - Do you have any suggestions that would improve the Eastern Little League facilities?

12. Will your son/daughter play at Eastern LL again next year?

13. if not, why not?

14. Would you recommend ELL to other families?

15. If selected not, why not?

16. What improvements/changes would you like us to make to the Eastern Little League program?

17. Any other comments/feedback/suggestions concerning your child(ren)'s Eastern Little League experience?

18. How would you rate your OVERALL SATISFACTION with Eastern Little League this season?

19. I would be interested in volunteering next season as a (Please indicate all that apply): Coach * Umpire * Board Member/ Volunteer * Event Helper (Opening Day, Fundraiser, Closing Day, Home Run Derby) * I'll Do Anything To Help * Can't Volunteer

20. If you would like your name associated with your comments, please list your name and email address below. If not, all your comments and answers will be confidential: