2017 Manager/Coach Evaluation Survey

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1. On what division and team did your child play?

2. Write-in the name of the Manager/Coach being assessed below:

3. Knowledge of the game - What was the manager/coach knowledgeable of fielding, throwing, hitting, base running, rules, etc. Has knowledge of the game that is appropriate for or exceeds the current playing level.

4. Teaching Ability: Please rate the teaching ability of the manager or coach. Was the instruction effective and appropriate for the age and skill level of the kids?

5. Practice Philosophy: Runs organized practices, teaching and developing specific skills. Keeps all kids engaged with lots of action.

6. Game Philosophy: Encourages players, whatever their level of ability, to strive to become the best players, and people, they can be.

7. Motivation Skills: Uses compliments, praise, and positive recognition. Understands the importance of giving truthful and specific feedback. Treats players with respect, regardless of how well they perform.

8. Sportsmanship: Teaches players sportsmanship. Respects opponents at all times. Respects officials and shows them respect, even when he disagrees with their calls. Demonstrates integrity and would rather lose than win by dishonoring the game.

9. Communication: Communicates effectively and maintins a positive relationship with parents

10. Did the Manager and Coaches work well with each other?

11. What is your overall rating of the manager/coach, 5 being 'Great asset to the league" and 1 being "should not be coaching"?

12. Would you recommend your team's manager/coach to manage/coach in future years?

13. Please provide any specific suggestions for your child's manager/coach:

14. If there is anything else you would like to share with the League regarding your child's manager/coach or any other topic related to team managing/coaching, please list below:

15. If you would like your name associated with your comments, please list your name and email address below. If not, all your comments and answers will be confidential: