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Who do I contact with questions about my childs team/league?

You can click on the 'About Us' tab and find your age appropriate League Director contact information, as well as all Board member contacts.
What is the FBSA?

The Frisco Baseball Softball Association ("FBSA") is an ALL VOLUNTEER, non-profit organization committed to providing our area's youth with a positive and rewarding baseball experience. As a non-profit organization, though, we are continually in need of coaching, financial sponsorships, and volunteer (administrative help) assistance. Please consider assisting in any way that you can.

What if my child has never played before?

It is not necessary to have played prior to joining an FBSA league at any level of play. We have beginners join and start playing at all ages. Single A leagues are all leagues designed to introduce a child to the game.  Double A leagues are designed for experienced players, and players wishing to enter tournaments. These players try out for and are selected by teams in a competitive environment each season.

Our Single A leagues require that coaches to rotate players in the infield and outfield and to bat the team’s entire roster. This allows each player the opportunity to play multiple positions and to have multiple at bats during each game. Therefore, a beginner is not relegated to the bench or playing “right field”.

Can my player play up or down a league?

Based on age, players are placed into the appropriate league. In RARE cases players can receive an exception to play up or down a league if it is approved by the FBSA Board of Directors. FBSA strives for fair and competitive play in all leagues with the safety of our players as our first concern. 5U plaers must play one full season with FBSA in order to move up a level.  They will need Board approval and this meeting must take place before late registration ends for that season.

How are teams selected? Can I make specific requests?

Under recreational leagues (single A) coaches are provided with a Pool of eligible players from which the Commissioner makes placements. These placements are based on the school attending/geographic location.  Siblings playing in the same age group may request playing together.  Every Player in Single A is guaranteed placement from season to season. 

Please email the League Director with any questions.

Coaches will be contacting players usually within one week from the Coaches Meeting (see schedule), regarding team information including practice times and the game schedule.

FBSA attempts to keep team rosters to ten or eleven players to maximize the playing time for each participant. Therefore, it is important that players attend scheduled games and practices. Please consider potential conflicts with other activities or religious issues that might impact your child’s ability to participate in all scheduled games.  In some cases more than 11 players are placed on a team, for example if there aren't enough coaches volunteering.

Should I play in the Fall or Spring Season?

FBSA offers Fall and Spring seasons. Other than the End of Season Spring Tournament there is no difference. However, since many players play other sports in the Fall there are fewer teams.

Do players receive trophies?

FBSA provides trophies to all players on the winning and runner-up teams, and in some cases the third place teams, as well as post-season tournaments place 1 and place 2 teams. 5U and 6U teams all recieve participation trophies.

Can I be an umpire?

The FBSA uses a third party agency which employs both teenagers and adults as umpires. If you are interested in being an umpire, please contact the Commissioner from the contacts page.

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